For the love of fashion: 7 Trends You Need to Know Now

Normal could be your style, but it becomes boring over time. The sun is high, and the humidity is gradually becoming too unbearable to keep wearing that heavy black cotton shirt. You are probably thinking of changing your outfit and style before the year ends. What better season to experiment and improve your style than the summer season? Also, if you are a fashion enthusiast, this piece will help you gather more ideas on some of the latest trends you could try.

Handmade earrings

Are you tired of coming across co-workers, friends, and relatives who have the same style of earrings you have? Probably you are just glued to the regular dot and pin earrings and are getting weary of them. Handmade earrings could be your solution. Handmade earrings give you the freedom to experiment on various designs from floral, fringed, fruity and tassel and make unique pieces. You could also make a wide variety to match every outfit in your closet as desired.

Glam your closet with pristine white

The colour you choose to wear speaks your mood for the day. This year, we are all about positive vibes and connections. You might want to change your clothing line and substitute your pieces with pristine white colours. You can never go wrong with white regardless of the season. For the ladies, consider getting yourself short dresses and off-shoulder top pieces in white and match them with other colours. Men could try classic white polo shirts and casual shorts.

Try the bold prints

Since monotony can get so monotonous, you could consider going bold. Plain shirts, trousers, and dresses are excellent choices, but they can get boring over time. Shop for a few bold prints in stripes, polka dots, floral prints, animal prints, paisley prints, and kaleidoscope prints. The market today offers a wide range of eye-catching prints that will bring out the bold side of your personality. You could choose to enhance your shoe game by throwing the prints towards the feet. Consider shopping for jewellery and belts covered in print too. Play around with a few print accessories such as hair bands and scarfs. Make it spontaneous.

Sunglasses and hats

A pair of stylish sunglasses should always be in your closet, especially during the sunny season. However, some people will go for the wrong choices and turn their looks into cartoonish. Pick a pair of cool, over-sized, and unique sunglasses to push your look towards the classy ends. You might want to pay attention to the frames’ quality and the shade of the lenses. Are you the bold type? Pick frames with prints and exquisite material. Are you out for just normal? Pick sunglasses with normal frames and dark shades. Don’t forget a hat to top the look.

The luxe bag protégé

It would hurt to cough up $20000 for a pure leather or fluff-ball designer bag. However, you need a good bag to compliment your outfit and footwear as well as have a place to ditch the sunglasses and wallet. Shop for a good and long-lasting handbag preferably one behind authentic make. Choosing its colours is crucial. Go for a colour that blends perfectly with most of your outfits. Black, brown or white leather would effortlessly make your look sharp without trying too much. The size also matters in this case. Pick a handbag that suits your needs; not too small and not too huge.

Pick pink

Pink is undeniably one of the most underrated colours. So, how about you try the flamingo look this season and see how many compliments come your way. You might want to try the dusty pink palette for your shirts and blouses. Pink gives you a unique outlook likely to boost your confidence among your peers. If you feel like going the extra mile, throw in some silver and diamond jewellery to ace the royal style. 

It’s possible to express yourself and your style through clothing. Pay attention to the current trends and find out how best to incorporate them into your style. You won’t go wrong with these seven trends discussed above.

Highlight your hair

This season we are all about experimenting. Your hair is no exception. Have you always wanted that red screaming long ponytail? Perhaps fire themes are your portions? Or would you like to have multi-colours for the next few months before heading back to school? It’s your time. The hair products industry holds an endless list of colour highlights and dyes to help you keep up with the latest trends. Among people’s favourites is the fire-themed highlight where the hair gets dyed in sections of bright to dark orange epitomizing the flames. Figure out your style and decide on the colour that speaks your personality and mood. You could tone it down and just switch to normal colours such as blonde for a change.

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