Gillian Anderson cringes her X-Files fashion

Gillian Anderson is pleased her X-Files character’s fashion sense has improved in the upcoming episodes.

Gillian Anderson rues the day that her desire to be a serious actress meant she had to spend years with “bad hair and polyester suits” on The X-Files.

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The actress appeared as Agent Dana Scully in the sci-fi TV show, which aired between 1993 and 2002. David Duchovny joined her as Fox Mulder and the pair are re-teaming for a new series due out in 2016, although this time Gillian has vowed there will be a big change.

“One thing was going to be different this time around though: Scully’s wardrobe,” she told Britain’s Vogue magazine. “During the original series, I had paid not a lick of attention to her style. I had known that I wanted her to be homely, because I was determined to be a real actress who didn’t care about vanity. But little did I realise that my lack of awareness and taste would lead to years of bad hair and polyester suits. To be fair, the show’s costume girl was great and was simply pulling outfits from what was on offer in the mid-Nineties: fabrics that I couldn’t even think of without shivers running up my spine; double-breasted suits and should pads as big as a house.”

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As time wore on Scully did start to branch out a bit, with the inclusion of a leather jacket here and there. For the upcoming episodes her look has altered again, although not so much that fans of the show will be upset.

“This time around, after 13 years of creating other characters and realising that I not only have a say in how they appear but that I actually enjoy that part of the process – I have strong opinions about how my characters express themselves through clothes – I worked much more actively with the X -Files wardrobe designer Chris Hargadon to hone Scully’s quintessential style… So Scully is still a bit homely but with a taste for fabric and colour, more cotton than silk, no zips as accents, nothing too fitted, no patterns,” she said.

The character’s red hair is also making a comeback, although this time Gillian opted for a wig because her locks have been dyed blonde for so long they aren’t in the best condition.

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