Jason Derulo wears his fashion designs out asking for feedback before launch

Singer Jason Derulo is “brutally honest” when it comes to designs for clothing label LVL XIII.

The 27 year-old ‘Talk Dirty’ singer has already built up a reputation for his slick style whether he is rocking a suit on the red carpet or wearing streetwear in his own time.

Jason has now invested in designer Antonio Brown’s LVL XIII label, which was first launched in 2013, and takes great pride in taking a hands-on approach to the process – even suggesting tweaks be made to a particular shoe design.

“It looked cool on the stand, but once you put it on with the outfit it took a little too much attention,” he told WWD. “Just things like that, being able to wear the clothing ourselves and act as the consumer.”

LVL XIII, pronounced Level 13, features a range of T-shirts and leather jackets made from luxe fabrics, as well as footwear. While Jason and Antonio are good friends and share a similar vision for the company, they aren’t afraid to be critical when necessary.

“(We’re always) bouncing ideas off each other, being brutally honest,” shared Jason of their collaboration. “We don’t care about each other’s feelings.”

LVL XIII is now being sold online and in Bloomingdale’s and the 27-year-old star is proud of how far the range has come in such a short time. But he insists that the process has been very organic.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “Everything just happened naturally. We didn’t force it or weren’t aiming toward anything at first. But we definitely had a vision for doing both shoes and clothing.”

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