Jenna Coleman helps style her Doctor Who character

Jenna Coleman has revealed she helps the wardrobe team put together outfits for her ‘Doctor Who’ character Clara Oswald.

The 29-year-old actress – who plays the titular Time Lord’s companion Clara Oswald in the sci-fi series – has revealed she often helps the wardrobe team put together outfits for her character.

Jenna Coleman

Jenna shared: ”I’ve had lots of input on Clara’s style. It’s quite English rose meets sci-fi girl. She looks pretty, but underneath she’s a total action hero who can kick ass.”

The brunette beauty admitted it was hard work putting together her wardrobe when she and her co-star Peter Capaldi recently embarked on the ‘Doctor Who’ world tour.

She said: ”I needed 22 outfits. It was the first time I’d met [my stylist] Rebecca [Corbin Murray] and we only had two hours to plan it all. She turned up at my house and it looked like she was moving in. We mixed a lot of Dior and Victoria Beckham pieces with vintage Biba and Ossie Clark dresses.”

Jenna also confessed she was amazed at how well fans of the show dressed up as her character.

She told InStyle: ”The tour was a mad adventure. The fans are incredible. They will screen-grab a photo of Clara and find out exactly what she’s wearing or find something similar on eBay. I’ve met so many in costumes that are exactly right from head to toe.”

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