Katy Perry reveals her favourite look

Katy Perry has said that she would be a stylist if she wasn’t a musician.

When she doesn’t have to look glam, Katy Perry loves to dress down in a bathrobe, flip-flops and mismatched pajamas.

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The 31-year-old Roar singer picked up the Red Carpet Fashion Icon trophy at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, but when she is not at a high-profile industry event she prefers to lounge about in sleepwear clothing.

“Honestly, half of the time I’m walking around looking like (Jeff Bridges’ character in) The Big Lebowski,” she tells People magazine.

In the 1998 comedy, the actor portrayed a character named Jeffrey ‘The Dude’ Lebowski – a stoner who walks around town high on marijuana, wearing a worn-out beige bathrobe and exposing his toes in decades-old sandals.

Despite her insistence she is a loafer at heart when it comes to choice outfits, Katy remains one of the most highly sought-after talents in entertainment by stylists around the world, who would do anything to dress her.

And if Katy wasn’t so successful as a musician, she would most likely be an outfitter of some sort.

“I’d probably want to work in the fashion industry,” she noted. “I would probably be a stylist. I love creating looks; I do it with all my girlfriends. I like to play and have fun. When I create a look it’s a really big look, usually.”

The only thing Katy can imagine she’d be annoyed with if styling was her main gig is the process of organising, shipping and receiving so many beautiful clothes and accessories.

“If part of being a stylist is (using) FedEx, I am not great with that,” she said.

Katy emphasised even if she were inclined to switch careers now, she would not pull a few strings and hop into a primary role from the outside.

“(I’d work my way up) from the bottom if need be,” she smiled.

Katy has already worked in the fashion industry, having designed a onesie with Beloved Shirts. She has also fronted campaigns for fashion brands like H&M and Moschino.

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