Kristen Stewart Stars As Coco Chanel

Kristen Stewart has made her name in a series of Hollywood blockbusters – but her latest film role is rather different.

Kristen will play Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld’s short film about the designer, entitled Once and Forever.

Kristen Stewart Stars As Coco Chanel

The film will be shown as the prelude to the Chanel Métiers d’art collection in Rome on December 1st 2015, at Cinecittà, a legendary film studio complex in the capital.

Once and Forever was created in Paris and features Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin as actresses preparing to star in a film as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel at different ages.

Kristen Stewart
Talking about Kristen, Lagerfeld said: ‘She can look like Chanel, and I wanted to show Chanel through all the decades of her life and the comeback in the 1950’s.’

Geraldine Chaplin will no doubt feel right at home, as this is the fourth time she’s played Coco Chanel in the designer’s films.

As a Chanel muse, Kristen is the face of the Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’art collection, the 11.12 bag of the handbag campaign in March 2015, the Spring-Summer 2015 Eyewear collection, and now, too, she will front the advertising campaign for the Paris-Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’art collection, which will be photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and unveiled in May 2016.

Check out the teaser trailer below…

We can’t wait to see the full-length movie.

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