London Fashion Week (AW16) Exclusive Celebrity Interviews

MarkMeets were invited this Febuary to London Fashion Week! The designs and creativity were overwhelming, distinctive and adventurous! Join our journey as we meet and interview the Models, Designers and Celebrities of LFW. Read what they’ve got to say…

Our fashion weekender began by joining “Fashion Scout”. A platform promoting both a new generation, as well as, celebrating the established fashion designers and their brands.

London Fashion Week (AW16)

We caught a front row seat at the “BARRUS”, “David Ferreira” and “Pam Hogg” catwalk and runaway shows. Each designer, communicated a different style.


We had privilege of meeting founders and designers Neslisah Yilmaz and Nur Caglayan.

Both women are partners to the Turkish fashion label “BARRUS”. The name of the label means Elephant. As intriguing as that may sound, it symbolises “Power, Loyalty and Good Luck”.

Neslisah and Nur come from different cities in Turkey, but combine the same attitude towards designing their clothing range. They want women to embrace their self confidence through what they choose to wear. Also, the designs hold “twenty eight thousand layers of civilization” that gives our designers the broad choice of introducing a new style each season. This Autumn/ Winter 2016 season, reflects on “Marbling”.

Neslisah and Nur, invited their Chairman “Volkan HidayetogluI” to translate from Turkish to English, on their behalf —

“Our designers have tried to create these unique combination of the heritage of Anatolia and Masapatome in general. They’ve carried it to the international forms of design, but protecting the elements of that heritage, of our lands. This collection is based on the art of marbling. Marbling is a hands craft, which is almost 42,000 years old in the region. But they presented it in the international highest forms of fashion to the barrus woman, who is self confident, stands out in the crowd, she is sexy, but she doesnt want to expose it. That’s what our designers aimed for Barrus designs, this year”.

Nur tells us how she feels being in the United Kingdom for London Fashion Week. It has made her, “Very excited to be in London. I’ve gained more confident from the criticism we have received. I believe London would take Barrus designs to a completely different level”.

Neslisah adds that their next aim is to “target New York fashion week”.

Watch what our Celebrity guests thought of BARRUS’s Runaway show. Interviews with: Stereokick’s Jake Sims

BBC Outnumbered’s Tyger Drew–Honey, Malificent’s Isobelle


Molloy, and many more.


Our next designer was a young portuguese graduate from University of Westminster, David Ferreira! He has named his own label after his own name and has recently applied for “Fashion Scouts” Merit Award. Earlier this year, he won the Merit Award, which offered him a fully sponsored Catwalk Show in front of London’s top fashion buyers.

I spoke with David, to get an insight into how it felt to be a recent merit winner and whether he had a favourite design from his own collection? I began by asking him if his designs had a message, and that was?

“My designs and collections are inspired by opulence. Using women and children as opulance this shows how rich and powerful the men are. But, I choose to reverse his by giving that power to the woman”.

I asked next, whether the colours articulate a message? Does he use colour psychology? “Literally the colours would be like pink, because women that are like, it’s opulence women, are very soft and feminine, and look quite delicate. So the white and pink, soft , strong pink and red are kind of aggressive as well, so there’s a lot of bitchiness between them. So, it’s like these two sides for these womens”.

I asked how David felt winning the Merit Award by Fashion Scout, he seemed overwhelmed “I’m really excited by the amazing opportunity”, he goes onto say “I wasn’t expecting it”. He loves being part of London Fashion Week and finds it “surreal” and it’s “all happening quite fast, but it’s really amazing”. Plans for the future include staying in London a few years before he starts his own couture collection in Paris.

Watch what our Celebrity guests thought of David Ferreira’s Runaway show. Interviews with: Made in Chelsea’s Kimberley Garner

X Factor’s Alien Uncovered and many more.




To us, Pam Hogg, is a “Legendary” fashion designer. She was in the centre of London’s “Post Punk Movement” during the 1980’s. Pam is more than a designer, but an artist too.

She has collaborated with Royality, Musicians, Film-makers and others. Her clothes have been designed and worn by all generations, including (to name a few): Debbie Harry, The Cult, Lady Gaga and Jessie J.

Pam rose to the public eye when her collection from Hyper Hyper’s boutique in London’s Kensignton gained her the opportunity for her first Catwalk show in 1985. “Warrior Queen” won her the cover on I—D Magazine in 1989. Something that many still worship till today.

We are here at Fashion Scout, where Pam’s new collection is being shown on the Runaway. Watch what our Celebrity guests thought of Pam Hogg’s Runaway show.

Interviews with: Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes

BBC Radio’s Nick Grimshaw and many more.



International designers VIN & OMI have a reputation spanning over many industries including: Film, Television, Music, Products, Public Artworks and One–Off creations. Their work is not only in fashion, but on multi media platforms to. VIN has a background as a sculpter working mainly with experimental materials. OMI began his career as a Celebrity, Artistic and Fashion photographer.

Both, worked together under the label Squirky, where in 2004 they showcased a collection of high end fashion latex garments. This won them an Award by The National Endowment for Science and Technology. Since then, they have been working with many clients challenging the concept of wearable fashion and developing the role of latex.

Their clients to date have included: Kate Nash, David Lynch, Pamela Anderson, Jo Whiley and Jane Horrocks.

Ending our fashion weekender, we are invited to VIN & OMI’s Runaway show. Watch what our Celebrity guests thought of VIN & OMI’s Runaway show. Including, VIN & OMI’s recent client and friend “Jo Whiley”!


We also interviewed: ITV Emmerdale’s Gemma Oaten

Plus singer Hatty Keane

There was an array of creativity over the weekend. Some of things that we learnt were: some designers join in to show that they can share their creativity and reach new pinnacle’s, others join because they want to bring a new light to the market, but mostly that they just enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed your Front Row seat at London’s Fashion Week. If you like to catch up with more Backstage Access, Catwalks and Interviews, then please follow this link —

Thanks for reading.

Article by: Ali Armian.

Photography by: Quulzz.

Popcorn’s Series by: Ali Armian from Quulzz.

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