Michelle Dockery wants to keep Downton Abbey costumes

Essex born Actress Michelle Dockery wasn’t really interested in fashion before she joined the cast of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery says the costume department “pulled out the stops” for the final series.

Michelle Dockery wants to keep Downton Abbey costumes

Michelle plays Lady Mary Crawley in the popular period TV drama, with her character known for her fashion forward wardrobe choices. The actress has loved dressing up for the six seasons of the show, confessing she wishes it could carry on forever.

“I really will,” she told OKmag when asked if she will miss the costumes. “They’re just beautiful, particularly this year. They’ve really pulled out the stops for the last series and I’ll never tire of wearing the clothes and the jewellery. We’ve been so spoiled – it’s been the most incredible thing to be a part of.”

The 33-year-old star admits she was a relative newcomer to the world of vintage fashion before landing a role in Downton Abbey. However, having played Lady Mary since 2010 she now has a wealth of knowledge.

“No (I didn’t know much about fashion from that era before), I’ve learned as the show’s gone on,” Michelle explained. “I wasn’t really into fashion when we first started. There are lots of pearls, a lot of Chanel influence and some fabulous hats this year.”

Michelle has also spilled the beans about the royal visit to the set of Downton Abbey, with Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge meeting the cast and crew in March (15). The actress was thrilled that she got to meet the royal, who proved she is a huge fan of the show.

“It was one of the most magical days…” Michelle recalled. “The excitement and the anticipation leading up to the moment she stepped on set was amazing. She is so gorgeous. Her presence was beautiful and she was so friendly.

“She talked extensively to Anna Robbins, our costume designer. She has a history of art degree so that was the bit she was interested in. It’s lovely seeing people’s reaction when they come on set. Even Kate, you could see how in awe she was with what she was seeing!”

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