Miranda Kerr’s Swarovski jewelery’s ‘positive message’

Miranda Kerr has insisted she put ”a lot of thought behind” her new Swarovski collection.

The 32-year-old model – who recently designed a jewelry line for the cut glass brand – has insisted she didn’t ”just want to design” a range based on looks, but felt it needed a ”positive message” too.

Miranda Kerr has insisted she put ''a lot of thought behind'' her new Swarovski collection.
Miranda Kerr has insisted she put ”a lot of thought behind” her new Swarovski collection.

Miranda said: ”Each piece has a meaning: The angel wings represent grace and freedom, the evil-eye represents strength and living with confidence, and the star represents joy. I didn’t just want to design jewelry, I wanted something that felt that there was a lot of thought behind it and had a positive message.”

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel went on to reveal she chose to include different metals in her Swarovski collection, as her late grandmother had always said it was lucky to ”mix metals”.

Speaking to Style, Miranda said: ”I have my grandmother’s wedding ring–it’s gold and white gold and diamonds. She always told my mother that it was good luck to mix metals, and that’s why I tried to include different metals within the collection.”

The star of UK fashion features Miranda has been the face of Swarovski for several seasons, but this is the first collection she’s actually designed. For this reason, when she first approached the designers about her idea, she ”wasn’t sure if they’d take (her) seriously”.

She said: ”We were at a press conference in Australia and someone in the audience was asking questions about how many designers they have for Swarovski.

”The team from Swarovski answered, saying they have 21 designers from all around the world, so I asked if there was anyone from Australia. They said, ‘No,’ so I said, ‘Well, I could design.’ Keep in mind this was during a press conference, so afterward I wasn’t sure if they would take me seriously, but they did!”

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