Smart and Simple Style: Items Every Man’s Wardrobe Should Contain

Men’s fashion can be a bit of a minefield. Over the years all kinds of weird and wacky trends have been observed, which might be great for some but probably not something your average guy is going to necessarily get on board with. Sometimes simple and classic is best and is probably the best way to describe most men’s style. If this is you, here are a few things that your wardrobe should contain.

A Stunning Timepiece

A great watch will last forever if it’s looked after well. Choose something that’s smart and reflects your personality, and you have a practical yet stylish accessory that you can wear every day. You could even choose a watch which gives the option of interchangeable straps meaning you can switch it up for daytime and evenings if you want to. A more expensive watch will generally have better craftsmanship and last better overall so it can be worth making the investment here

A Good Quality Wallet

Wallets get a lot of use and are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Think about how many times it’s in and out of your pocket. How it gets chucked on the side when you get home and rummaged in when you’re looking for a bit of change for a parking meter or receipt for a refund. However pulling out a worn and tatty wallet from your pocket will quickly bring down your entire look, and it can be embarrassing too. No wallet is going to last forever just because of they way they’re used, but if you go with real leather and something a little more expensive, it’s likely to fare better. Instead of going through three cheaper wallets, for example, buy better quality, and it will last for longer.

Belts For Different Occasions

Belts of course serve a practical purpose, but they’re also a way you can add style to an outfit. You will need something for your smarter outfits and also something for day to day casual wear too. For your smart choice, why not spend a little more and go with something leather and beautiful. Whenever you’re getting suited and booted you will have the perfect belt there to match the outfit. For daily wear you could go a little less costly if you wanted, something trendy or fun could always be replaced once it was worn out and will bring a little extra to your everyday outfits.

Sunglasses That Suit You

Sunglasses protect your eyes and also make things like driving safer since you’re not dealing with glare. They’re an essential in summer but also useful for the rest of the year too if it’s a particularly sunny day so a good investment. The trick is to find a pair that really suits your face and makes you feel confident. They should sit right across your cheekbones so that they’re neither too wide or narrow and the lenses shouldn’t be too large or small. The only way you can work out if this is the case is by going into an actual store and trying lots of pairs on. If you want something classic, you can’t go wrong with a pair of aviators. If you do a lot of jogging or are active outdoors, a more sporty pair which won’t easily fall off would be your best choice. If you mainly use them to drive, go with polarised lenses. These will prevent glare better than other types. Make sure you purchase a hard case too and get in the habit of putting them away every time you’re not using them. The last thing you want to do is sit on your expensive sunglasses after spending a lot of money on them.

A Suit That You Feel Fantastic In

Even if you don’t work a job that requires a suit, it’s a useful item for any man to have in his wardrobe. Weddings, funerals, christenings, job interviews- there are always going to be occasions that crop up where you need to be dressed sharply in a suit. Spend some time finding the perfect shape for your body type, for example, slimmer guys may look best in a slimmer fitting suit- if you’re unsure of the look you can check it out here. Otherwise, you could spend the extra and have something tailored and fit exactly to you. This would be worthwhile if you generally stay at a consistent weight as it will be a perfect fit every time you put it on.

Nice Fitting Jeans

Jeans are a staple in a man’s wardrobe. They can be worn with a jumper and a blazer for a great smart/ casual choice, or thrown on with converse and a t-shirt for a comfy classic weekend look. A couple of color variations will get you through, since they will look completely different each time depending on the top, jacket and shoes you pair them with.

A Signature Scent

It’s easy to find a scent we enjoy and then continue to wear and buy it over the years. But does yours still reflect you? If you’ve not switched things up in a while, it could be worth going shopping for something new. Don’t ever smell something at a counter and buy right away since the fragrance will develop and change over a few hours. Your best bet would be to try and sample and wear it for the day. See how you like it as the undertones develop, you could try a couple and then purchase your favorite. When it comes to cost, big bottles are the better choice as while they will be more expensive up front it will be cheaper overall. That way you don’t have to keep repurchasing smaller bottles.

A few key pieces in your wardrobe, and you can look and feel great every day. Fashion doesn’t have to mean making a massive statement if you’re happy to keep it smart and simple then go for it.

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