The Best Female Celebrity Hairstyles

In a world where TV screens and magazines are so dominated with red carpets and glamour, it’s hard not to keep up to date with the latest celebrity styles and trends.

Much like Emma Watson, who sported a short-pixie style haircut as a much bolder statement, many kick it up a notch by changing the style of their hair. But who do we really think boasts the best do in the world of celebs?

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A recent survey conducted, asking 1,000 people in the UK ‘which celebrity female has the best hair?’ has revealed who the public thinks brings the best style!

Best Female Celebrity Hairstyles

  1. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway came at number 10 with the best celebrity hairstyle. Indeed, she has sported her fair share of styles over the years, but has always stayed loyal to her roots. And rightly so, as those brunette locks are so natural to her and compliment her deep brown eyes!

  1. Emma Stone

It’s not always about using your hair to get noticed. Emma has shown us that her auburn locks still get her in the limelight! She has rarely taken to brighter colours, but has confidently dabbled in the darker-do’s. Infact, she’s proved that she can pull off all colours and styles and with much confidence strives to the top ten in boasting a favourite celebrity hairstyle in 2016.

  1. Rita Ora

Rita first took to our screens in 2012 and when she did she boasted long, platinum blonde hair. Her journey in the world of fame has led her to rock all kinds of style, from pixie-cuts, to slicked back and has even ventured into styles of candyfloss pink. In other words, she has well and truly sampled them all (and might we add with no regrets!). She has looked great in every style and her confidence throughout was enough to spark up a smile of joy from anybody!

  1. Rihanna

Rihanna has indulged in probably all the hairstyles that you can imagine.We guess that’s what a lifetime in the public eye can only lead to that! Celebs always want to impress their fans and keep their style fresh, well Rihanna has definitely ticked the box for that! She’s sported short punchy do’s, long and wavy, curly, shaved and in fact every colour in the rainbow. Rihanna’s hairstyles are adventurous to say the least, but with nearly 5% of the votes, it goes without saying – she looked absolutely stunning throughout them all.

  1. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is natural to the aryan look, where her fair hair and bright eyes are key to her style and identity. She has stayed true to this for the duration of her journey in the public eye. Indeed, it is a rare occasion for us to see Johansson dabble in the dark-side, but when she did for her role in The Avengers films we were pleasantly surprised. Nevertheless, despite being blonde throughout her career she has still sported some pretty funky hair-do’s and with a respectable 5.27% of the votes, Scarlett fell at number 6 with the best celebrity hair style.

  1. Taylor Swift

Taylor is another who has stayed true to her roots and we now associate her long blonde hair to her identity. She has been in the public eye for quite some time now and has never really experimented with any outrageous hairstyles. Taylor knows what works for her and her confidence has grabbed her almost 6% of the votes. She came in at 5th place in having the best celebrity hairstyle in 2016.

  1. Beyonce

After a number of different hairstyles, Beyonce now boasts long golden locks. She has been the ultimate trend-setter in her time and her numerous hairstyles render her very experienced in the world of celebrity style. She’s sported frizzy, straight and everything in between – but whilst her 6.86% of votes didn’t quite push her to number one – it is fair to say she has rocked every style she’s had.

  1. Angelina Jolie

Jolie is another who has stayed true to her roots. She has never sported any crazy do’s – infact she’s stayed very loyal to her long brunette locks. It goes to show that even the simplest of hairstyles can bring so much glam. Jolie thrives with confidence and her ability to keep one style throughout her whole time in the public eye means this hair style well and truly deserves some credit. Flying in at number 3, it is clear that Jolie’s hair is pretty powerful in the world of celebrity style.

  1. Emma Watson

We have seen Emma Watson transform from a young teenager to a stunning young lady, during which she indulged in a number of different hairstyles. We witnessed her leave behind her fluffy brown waves to sport a short pixie cut. This was not only the breakthrough from her character as Hermoine, but dropped the jaw on us all at how good she looked. She has never really branched out for crazy hairstyles and this has led her to a very comfortable 2nd place in having the best celebrity hairstyle. Playing is safe doesn’t get you anywhere and Emma proved this in her big mop-chop.

  1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston flew in at first place. For as long as she has lived, she’s boasted long golden locks. The desire to get a funky or colourful hairstyle has never tempted Aniston and after years in the celebrity spotlight, it’s not only a fundamental part of her identity but is now an ultimate fan-favourite. With 18.69% of the votes, Aniston well and truly took the title as the female celebrity with the best hair and we admire her ability in doing so.

Sometimes choosing a style and keeping with it shows more confidence than those who experiment with many. We’ve seen many different hairstyles over recent years and will see many more in the future. Aniston might have grabbed the title this time, but will her lifestyle of long locks manage to keep her stable as the celebrity with the best hair?

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