Zayn Malik reveals his favourite fashion brand

Singer Zayn Malik’s fashion appetite was affected by travelling so much while part of group One Direction.

As well as a sound change, Zayn’s image has also been overhauled, and he now sports much edgier ensembles. He cemented his stylish status at the 2016 Met Gala in May, where he posed alongside his fashion model girlfriend Gigi Hadid in a Versace suit and one arm encased in armour.


On the subject of designers, it’s all about one label for Zayn; Versace.

“Just because she’s so cool, and so are the clothes. She sends me everything”.

Donatella is equally complimentary about the British singer, who she has worked with personally on a number of occasions.

“I love his willingness to take risks,” she said. “When he put on his Versace custom-made suit with amour for the Met Gala, I knew it was a real fashion moment. It takes someone with Zayn’s confidence and self belief to make it happen. He is talented and I love talents: he has my eyes on him.”

Talking about his appearance, Zayn admits he’s generally happy with how he looks, though he is trying to add a bit of bulk to his body. To help him gain muscle, the 23-year-old tops up his protein levels with bowls of tuna and hard boiled eggs, even tucking into them during his shoot with Elle.

“When I was in the band my appetite went a bit funny from the travelling, so now I’m getting in shape,” he shared.

For the accompanying photo spread, Zayn smoulders in a mix of black and white and colour shots, wearing clothes by Versace, Burberry and Givenchy among other designers.

Popstar Zayn is currently enjoying huge success as a solo star, after quitting mega boyband One Direction in early 2015.

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