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James King is a young singer/ songwriter from Yorkshire who has been making music and playing the guitar since the age of 8. His song “Breathe” was the themesong to the Keep Britain Tidy’s Eco schools campaign.

Having moved to London he was spottrd at an open mic night in Putney and has since gone onto tour in Russia besides sharing the stage with international recording artist Louise Setara.

James said, “As a song writer you hope your songs connect with people and touch them emotionally, I have always been a keen advocate of talking personal responsibility for the issues that surround you. I heard Breathe and it was a “war cry “ or a “Call to Action” which I knew I had to do”.

MarkMeets’ featured artist JAMES KING is our rising star for January 2015


James has been playing guitar since he could walk and moved to London just under two years ago. Having found management he has never looked back; and has consitantly been writing, recording and touring ever since!

James King tells us his goals as a musician are:

  • To create something everyone can relate to, whether this is times of hardship or times of happiness.  Everyone in life is touched by some emotion and my passion for music is to try and make sure that people feel connected to the words and rhythm.
  • To have songs that have meaning and are soulful with depth and understanding that listeners want more.
  • To make an album that can be remembered and that my listeners are excited enough to want another album released.
  • To win an Ivor Novello Award.
  • To want to write diverse music so that everyone can enjoy it, if this means collaborating with other artists to create new and interesting sounds I am happy to do that too!

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“James is lucky to have worked with many influential people in the industry from Jnay Adeleye and Luc Floreani, who both happen to be people I have tremendous respect for and honoured to call my friends” – Mark Boardman (Music Journalist).

James King guitar

James has been likened to the likes of Ed Sherran, and Tom Odell with a very loose acoustic, stripped back sound. His poetic sensitive and insightful lyrics have won him a legion of female fans.

“I guess I have always used my guitar and songs as a way to understand what I am feeling and expressing my emotions. I guess songwriting is like therapy for me, he jokes”

“I see music as a creative media to express feelings and emotion in a musical manner, I believe that music is something to be shared just like anyone’s opinion or interest”.


“A mesmerising new talent for 2015 – James King” – MarkMeets Entertainment

James has worked with a number of high profiled writers and singers from John Adeleye (MOBO Award winner,) international recording artist Louise Satara, The band the Streets, numerous contestants from “The Voice,” and acclaimed
songwriters Tim Fraser and award-winning producers like John Landau.

Once James has finished this epic 40-date schools tour he is straight back in the studio to finish the new album and then is straight back on tour throughout the Middle East, we will him the best of luck.

“I think music should be something that you create, because you want to share your view of the world and have people see it through your eyes, not something that you create for money. It devalues all the people who put so much passion into their work.

Feature by Entertainment Journalist, PR Professional & Social & Media Expert Mark Boardman

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