Lexi Mariah releases new single ‘Waterfall’ Nov 20th

Written by Lexi alongside music producers Josh Frank and Joe Frank, Connecticut USA, artist Lexi Mariah is releasing a new single ‘ ‘Waterfall’ is released today (November 20th). Link to spofiy below.

The singer also chat an exclusive chat with us, read on as she discusses her influences, music style and secret celebrity crush.

‘Waterfall’ is an empowering anthem about overcoming the everyday struggles of bearing with negativity from society. The record combines electro-pop with the organic experience of dynamic drums and warm
acoustic guitar, along with passionate lyrics paired with expressive vocals and a powerful chorus strings section to create a unique perception.

“A star is born” – MarkMeets

This will be Lexi Mariah’s fourth single release. Her single ‘SOURPATCH’, released June 2020, gained a great deal of traction on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Here is the Spotify link to “Waterfall”

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Lexi has now achieved over 45k streams across all platforms, as well as a loyal, consistently growing following of over 25k.

“As a young woman breaking into the music industry, I’ve really had to learn the best way to stand up for myself and look past a lot of the negativity that’s often thrown my way. I really hope that this song can be a motivator for someone who’s struggling with feeling accepted, whether that be by their peers, their family or anyone else.” – Lexi Mariah on ‘Waterfall

Lexi also spent sometime to chat with us. Read below to what she had to say!

Describe your sound and style?
My goal is to never create two songs that sound anywhere near the same, but to create a consistent sound where my listeners will know that it’s me. I’m passionate about pop music, so my sound definitely leans in that direction. The type of pop music that I make varies though. Sometimes I’m looking to create more of an electro-pop sound. Sometimes I’m looking for a more organic sound. In this case, for my new single ‘Waterfall’, I decided to combine the two. I love electro-pop. That’s the genre that a lot of my biggest influences fall under, and I think adding some organic elements to that makes it sort of experimental and gives it an interesting touch.

What bands and artists were you listening to as you were growing up?
Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift have been my favorite artists from my tween/teenage years up until now. I also love Meghan Trainor and Little Mix. When I was really young, like from age 4-10, I was obsessed with Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Mariah Carey, who I’m actually named after.

Who is your celeb crush?
Harry Styles ALL the way! I think he’s a beautiful person inside and out.

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