The Magnettes ‘Shakes’ (Falling in Love) single out now

Northern Swedish pop outfit The Magnettes, consisting of front duo Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla and producer Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström, are back with their new disco/punk-single-  ”Shakes (Falling in Love)” out now via Digsin –  where 80’s drums meet angsty guitars and opera choruses.

The Magnettes

One of the most exciting groups of 2019” MarkMeets

The story of The Magnettes begins in an arctic uproar. Founder band members (and self-proclaimed ‘non formative witches’) Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla met at school aged just 6 in the sleepy and remote town of Pajala. Perhaps it was growing up in this tiny place, a huge ten hours from Stockholm and that is dark most of the year that fired the imagination and ambitions of the girls. The winters were harsh and words weren’t wasted, and they realized that the ultimate rebellion was to sing – openly and honestly – about love, youth and heartbreak in the last stages of adolescence. The Magnettes were born: and music was never quite the same again. The addition of producer Tomas Backlund Thunestrom completed the band, and together they stormed across the globe with their finely crafted unique blend of electro-pop and riot grrrl punk, or Twentyfirst century f**k pop from Pajala” as they like to call it.

“SHAKES (Falling In Love)” is OUT NOW

New single “Shakes (Falling in Love)” follows the ‘out with your best friends on a Saturday night’ dancefloor smash “Kimnkanye” and is an unapologetic roaring anthem about passionate love.  As the band explains:”It’s about gushing love and heaving lungs, kisses in the rain and all that fun stuff we don’t really have time for anymore. Or probably just about how we really wanna be (/make out with) Stevie Nicks. It’s our farewell letter to a much volatile, nervous, and romantic way of life. Musically, we wanted it to sound as if Bratmobile and Baby Spice got together and played on top of ’Dancing In The Dark’.” 


The single also follows the bands recent UK headline and festival tour dates, including a stint at The Alternative Escape: a huge UK music industry event in held annually in Brighton. Where, lest we forget, another conquering Swedish pop outfit destroyed Eurovision back in 1974. A prophetic sign perhaps? Just sayin’…

The Magnettes are a powerhouse of non-stop energy: appearing at SXSW, opening for Ke$ha, performing at the Asian equivalent to the Grammys, smashing all the best pop festivals- and so much more. Their conquering Pajalan feet do not touch the ground as they continue in their musical quest.

No-one said world pop domination would be easy….



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