7 Celebrities Who Are Always in High Demand in the Advertising Industry

When it comes to advertising products, many brands use celebrities to endorse their products, and for good reason. They are people that a large chunk of the population knows and loves. They are good looking, influential and can make any fledgling brand an overnight success with the right plug. This is why most brand design London-based companies suggest their clients to give this strategy a shot. Here are 7 celebrities who are always in high demand in the advertising industry.

1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a very talented actor. He is universally loved for his performances in classic movies like The Shawshank Redemption and Driving Miss Daisy. However, his acting chops are not what makes him in high demand. Morgan Freeman has a pleasing voice, which has made him a much sought after voice actor. He is the voice people hear in numerous Visa commercials. He has also been used for movie trailers and PGA promotional spots.

2. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is known for many things. She has had a successful singing career, acting career and she even has her own fashion line. However, she has appeared in numerous TV and print ads over the years. She has made appearances in commercials for Macy’s, Weight Watchers and DirecTV to name a few. With her good looks and bubbly personality, it isn’t hard to understand why she is in high demand.

3. David Beckham

David Beckham is a perfect all around celebrity. Women love him for his supermodel good looks and physique, while men love his athletic ability. This is why he is in high demand for everything from athletic wear to cologne.

4. Michael Jordan

Back in the 90’s, Michael Jordan endorsed numerous products. He appeared in commercials for brands like Gatorade, Wheaties and Hanes underwear to name a few. These days, he isn’t as active in advertisements, but that doesn’t mean he has stopped. His Air Jordan sneakers continue to be a best seller. He still makes sporadic appearances in Hanes ads, and he has even graced the cover of the NBA 2k series on multiple occasions.

5. Katy Perry

As if she wasn’t busy enough recording hit albums and playing sold out arenas, Katy Perry is in high demand in the ad world too. Katy has appeared in ads for Pop Chips, Proactiv and Cover Girl. As long as she keeps making hit records, we can look forward to seeing her pretty face in ads for the foreseeable future.

6. Taylor Swift

Over the last decade, Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm. She has had several hit records, sold out tours, and she has even dabbled in acting. She has also taken the ad world by storm as well. She appeared in commercials for Juicy Fruit gum, and Diet Coke. She has also appeared in print ads for Cover Girl, Ked’s Shoes, and even appeared in a “Got Milk?” ad. As long as she is still on top of the world, she will be the face of numerous brands for years to come.

7. Travis Barker

Travis Barker is one of the most celebrated musicians in the world today. When he is not performing with Blink 182, he is performing studio work with the likes of The Game and Demi Lovato. He is not only in demand in the music world, but in the ad world as well. He appeared in a commercial for Boost Mobile, as well as print ads for Jansport, PETA, and his own brand, Famous Stars and Straps. Until he retires, we should be seeing more of Travis popping up places.

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