Batman: Arkham Knight Preview

With just over a month left before its release, Batman: Arkham Knight looks to be one of the biggest game in the trilogy and possibly the biggest game to come out of 2015.


Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

The Story:

So the story is pretty simple: Scarecrow has decided that instead of killing, a hero such as Batman can only be ridiculed to be taken down. To do this he must bring together a series of previous villains: The Penguin, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and Two Face. Its lucky Batman has Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing and Barbara Gordon, who is seen for the first time instead of just being the voice of Oracle. There is defiantly enough here to get stuck into for those who are only here for the story.

For the completionist out there, there are a few side missions to get stuck into and, for those who pre-order on PS4, there are exclusive Harley Quinn missions.

One of the great things about this story is it has taken some of the side missions from previous games and brought them forward. So if you met Azreal in Arkham City, keep a look out for him again here.

The City:

Obviously to accommodate for all of the extra characters and missions Gotham city is absolutely huge! This time around it is over 5 times bigger than previous games, so what does Rocksteady add to make this manageable? They give you the Batmobile. This has been featured in many of the film, TV shows and comics but as fans of the games know this is the first time you control it. With two modes: one for shootin’ and one for… tootin’, it looks to be an incredible and possibly slightly over powered ride looking at some of the game play footage out there. If you have seen any of the footage or any of the pictures, even just the front cover of the packaging it looks amazing. I’m a big fan of any game that has nice graphics, but I love the games that put special attention into the little parts and extra details in the games, and I know this game is going to be full of it.

Batman Arkham Knight Pic
Batman Arkham Knight Pic

The Updates:

It’s not just updated graphics Arkham Knight has to offer, there are some nice little features on this game: interactive fog, scenery and paper and enhanced rain. Again from game play footage these are some of the ‘pleasures for the eyes’ I was talking about before. Throwing a Batarang into smoke or mist will cause a little hole in the smoke. The rain too looks to be more dynamic, not just a repeating partial effect. Although I think both of these will add to the emersion in the game, I’m really not a huge fan of rain in game or real life.

The Voices:

Finally the voice work for Arkham Knight includes lots of people we already know: Kevin Conroy as Batman, Martin Jarvis as Alfred and Tara Strong as Harley Quinn. Some of the new names to look out for are Matthew Mercer as Robin, John Noble as Scarecrow, and Commissioner Gordon who is played by Jonathan Banks. Add to this the incredible art-work that has been released for each of the characters. I hope I’m not the only one who got shivers down my spine.



My Impression:

There are some games that have recently been announced and in some way that is taking some of they hype away from Batman, it might be a good thing. So many out there want this to be an amazing game including the creators, voice actors and keen fans of the games, I include myself in this. No-one wants to see this be another Arkham Origins! From what I have seen from game play footage I would like Scarecrow to be a bit more out there in his voice, but he defiantly looks the part.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, how is Harley Quinn going to be after the loss of her J-man? And how are they going to top the battle against Mr. Freeze?


Written by Chuckie @ChuckieGinger exclusively for MARKMEETS.COM

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