Celebrities who have adopted green transport

When celebrities buy into an idea or product the public tend to follow suite, whether it’s a designer brand, a diet or even a new religion. The latest celebrity trend is the electric car, which happens to be good for the environment as well as popular among the Hollywood elite. Let’s hope these celebrities and their electric cars have positive influence on the planet!

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio
    One of the first Hollywood stars to buy an electric car, the Titanic star used to own a Prius. Toyota’s hybrid car has since become one of the most popular hybrid cars in the UK, although across the pond in Hollywood, Leonardo Di Caprio has since moved on to a Fisker Karma. Leonardo DiCaprio also aims to help speed up electric car sales with entering a racing team into Formula E.
  2. George Clooney
    George Clooney got himself the first ever Tango T600 models in 2005. Despite looking a bit like a photograph of a normal car that’s been stretched on Photoshop, the Tango T600 can reach 60mph in just 3.2 seconds and packs more torque than the Dodge Viper V10. Tango manufacture the world’s narrowest cars and aim to solve congestion problems.
  3. Kristen Scott Thomas
    The English actress drives a Reva G-Wiz, which is designed for use in the city. As Kristen Scott Thomas divides her time between London and Paris, it’s the perfect compact car for her to navigate busy urban streets.
  4. Barack Obama
    The President of the United States of America cannot be seen driving a fuel-guzzling, outdated vehicle, so when Obama swapped his old Chrysler 300C for a Ford Escape Hybrid in 2009. In contrast to little hybrids like the G-Wiz and the Tango T600, Ford’s Escape is a huge SUV.
  5. Cameron Diaz
    Another famous fan of the Prius, Cameron Diaz drives Toyota’s electric/petrol hybrid just like Leo used to. The Prius runs on batteries that can be plugged in and charged up and is very fuel efficient.
  6. Paul McCartney
    Sir Paul McCartney drives a Lexus hybrid car, which has 430 horsepower and an extremely low emission rating. It’s great for the environment and also has a sleek design, typical of the luxurious Lexus brand.

With so many celebrities trading their petrol cars in for green hybrids or completely electric cars green hybrids or completely electric cars, hopefully the popularity of environmentally-friendly cars will grow. They might be owned by some of the highest-paid stars in the world, but fuel-efficient cars are cheaper to run, which might sway some car-owners who still aren’t sure if they want to go green…

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