Discover Upcoming London Events & Celebrity Contact Info

Discover Upcoming London Events & Celebrity Contact Info – Sign Up Today For Instant access.

We’ve helped people from the media including journalists, photographers, reporters, presenters and members of the public plus businesses benefit by connecting with celebrities plus access the inside scoop on upcoming showbiz events across the UK.

What’s On In London – London is the showbiz home of the UK with events taking place in the capital every day. From London film premieres to book signings, product launches, restaurant openings, movie screenings, press nights, charity functions, award ceremonies, music festivals and more events on-going!

Access 45,000+ Celebrity Contacts – If you need access to a particulr celebrity to promote your brand or want to get on the contct list for PR’s but can’t find accurate details online then this service is for you. Whether you aee looking to book a star, arrange a meet & greet, crate a campaign or product endorsement or even set-up an interview/ photoshoot get signed up today.

Get papped at prestigiuous events or invite your client along: Would you like to have access to listings of over 7000 events a year? with news of events taking place more than 12 months in advance? Well read on..

For a small monthly fee you too can access either one or both of the above. Prices start at only £29 a month.

Or if you fancy sign up for a month with no contract or simply want two free celebrity searches then CLICK HERE.

MARKMEETS have been online since 2004, and provide the latest UK Entertainment News, celeb interviews, info on film premieres, competitions, movie news, celeb photos, music videos and all things celebrity.

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