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Fern Britton hosts Romantic Novel Awards.

MarkMeets were invited to the “Romantic Novel Awards” in London, celebrating the established and new generation of Romantic writers. Hosting the awards evening was Fern Britton (This Morning).

Watch the video interview below or read more to find out about who won and what Fern had to say…

Exclusive interview, MarkMeets

The Romantic Novelist’s Association, holds an annual evening celebrating those within the Romantic Fiction industry. Established since 1960, the ceremony recognises excellence in Romantic Novels thereby enhancing the standing of the genre. The RNA’s (as they’re abbreviated) ask their keen readers to rate nominated books on a number of romantic ategories including: Contemporary, Historical, Comedy, Adult, Epic and many others.

These are then finalised by the judges.

Fern Britton (ITV’s “This Morning”), was guest of honour at the Romantic Novel Award’s this year. Previous celebrity guests have included: Darcey Bussell, and, Richard and Judy.

We interviewed Fern about how she felt hosting the Awards tonight and what she thought of romantic fiction altogether, she had this to say …

“So excited to be here tonight at the Romance Novel of the Year, Awards. A lot of people must think that writing a romantic novel must be terribly easy, it isn’t! It is another huge mountain to climb and enjoy. For readers to say at the end of the novel “I enjoyed that”, It’s hard. The women who are here doing it, it’s very empowering” — says Fern.

We went to ask her about the Finalists and if she had any fiction favourites? …

“Yes. (Laughs) I can’t possibly tell you which one was my favourite. But, I have read quite a few books and they are just so good! SO, Blooming good. They do what any story should do, which is to lift you out of the now and into something else. It’s marvellous!” — says Fern.

Following that positive response from Fern:

Here is a list of Winners from the evening:

Milly Johnson “Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe”, Simon & Schuster.

Winner of “Romantic Comedy” `Category Romantic Novel of the Year.

Annie O’Neil “Doctor … To Duchess?”, Mills & Boon Medical Romance.

Winner of “RoNA Rose” Award.

Lucy Inglis “Crow Mountain”, Chicken House.

Winner of “Young Adult” Category Romantic Novel of the Year.

Iona Grey “Letters to the Lost”, Simon & Schuster.

Winner of “Historical” Category Romantic Novel of the Year.

Emma Hannigan “The Secrets We Share”, Headline Review.

Winner of “Epic” Category Romantic Novel of the Year.

Outstanding Achievement Awards:

Author Anita Burgh, and, Claire Lorrimer, daughter to the RNA’s first President Denise Robin’s, best selling novelist. Anita has wrote twenty three novels which all got published when she reached 50, and, Claire has wrote more that 100 novels altogher. Both have been awarded to their championing contributions to the RNA and Romantic fiction.

Goldsboro Books: Romantic Novel of the Year 2016: Iona Grey’s novel “Letters to the Lost”, was awarded the highest accolade at the ceremony by independent book store Goldsboro Books.

Her novel was judged by a panel debating the finer points of her book. The overall verdict from the judges mentioned Iona’s novel as “A skillfully told story with captivating characters, convincing and compelling. Beautifully done”.

Eileen Ramsey, Chairman of the RNA, said “I loved this heart breaking love story, a worthy winner in an extremely professional shortlist.”

David Headley, Managing Dir. of Goldsboro Books, commented “It demonstrates the breadth and depth of the genre and illustrates its enduring popularity.”

Iona Grey, finally commented “I’m so honoured! I can not thank you enough”.

Before you leave, Fern Britton’s own novel’s “The Postcard” is being published by HarperCollins in June, and, “A Good Catch” in April. Who would of thought we would see the soft romantic side of Fern come out into a novel. Be prepared for tears, laughs and more. Is Fern, going to be awarded next year at the RoNa’s? You’ll have to see.

Keep reading and tell us what your favourite Romantic Fiction is @MarkMeets.

Article by: Ali Armian.

Interviews by: Popcorn, by Quulzz.

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