Frances James ‘Light Up The Sky’ First Play


Here is the Exclusive Premiere Play of the new single from London based, Barbados native Frances James, called Light Up The Sky.

Frances James
Frances James

Let us introduce you to emerging indie pop/rock vocalist Frances James who is about to explode onto the scene with her impressive feel good new track called Light Up The Sky. Light Up The Sky is the super confident debut single filled with soaring catchy melodies and hooky choruses that stay in your head for days making for the perfect pop anthem.

Starting out slightly menacing with its pounding drums, the song finds a moment of peace in the pre-chorus before it crashes into dynamic rhythms and open basslines.

Frances James’ soulful smoky vocals take centre stage alongside the irresistible summer melody and driving guitars. Her confidence and attitude reflect her musical upbringing, getting first-hand experiences from both parents having careers in music.

Frances James Smiling

Having grown up in Barbados, Frances has always been obsessed with the UK to which she frequently travelled with her parents; and was always impressed with their history-changing music.

Whilst writing, recording and performing she always wanted to capture the raw edginess that UK musicians bring to their music when recording and decided to go to the UK for a few weeks to experience their music scene first-hand. Frances had cousins in Bournemouth where she’d stayed for a few weeks over the summer. She said “The moment I arrived, I found a studio just a few minutes away called Blueline.

I felt like it was meant to be! I had a few songs I’d written at the time and desperately needed to get them out of my head and bring them to life.  So I decided to go for it and record them”.

‘Light Up The Sky’ EXCLUSIVE First Play

MarkMeets has the worldwide first play of the audio! Let us know what you think of the track by tweeting us @MarkMeets

Frances told us at MarkMeets how ‘Light Up The Sky’ came about “When I was finding myself home bored more and more.  I’m usually out all the time but it was nearly 2 months I’d been home every weekend just watching bad TV movies.

Anyway one night I just had enough of bad TV and my ruffled bed so I wrangled up a few friends and we had a hell of a night out”, she added “That’s really what it’s about. Having fun, going out, enjoying life.

Single Out Monday 6th April 2015 After the holiday, Frances had gone home thinking not much more would happen, when a friend of hers passed her recordings on to Hugh Stanley – Clarke; Ex A&R, EMI . Hugh instantly fell hooked on Frances’ song-writing skills, sent her recordings to London to ask for feedback. After hearing positive comments, he then teamed Frances up with the Dean Street team of producers and engineers led by Alex Beitzke, (Florence and the Machine, Ed Sheeran, Foster The People).

Frances James Long

Light Up The Sky is the result of this collaboration. Reminiscent of the powerhouse vocals of Florence + The Machine and the electro pop beats of Mapei, the fact that this is only Frances’ debut makes the prospect of what’s yet to come even more tantalising.

Light Up The Sky will be available to download on the 6th April 2015.





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