Markus Feehily reveals new song ‘Only You’

Markus Feehily has premiered a new song online.

The former Westlife singer is set to release his debut solo album ‘Fire’ on October 16th.


‘Only You’ has now been made available online for fans to listen to.

“A Triumph”- MarkMeets

Discussing the song, Feehily says: “Some people have always been there for us and we often take them for granted. This song is about realising that they have always been the answer.

“I actually wrote the chorus while I was sitting in my kitchen alone one night, feeling nostalgic before a night out with my mates.

Speaking previously about his maiden record, Feehily said: “Calling my album ‘Fire’ is a two sided thing.



“Fire represents the dark times I went through while writing the album, but also my actual song Fire from the deluxe album is about finding new love and having the strength to pull through the tough times.

“So it has both positive and negative sides to it just like actual fire.”

The former Westlife star recently announced a series of HMV album signings across the UK.

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