New comedy pilot ‘Kidz Time TV’


Dave and Mr Biggles
Dave and Mr Biggles

Featuring sex, drugs and pervy puppets, adult comedy-drama about group of misfits working in children’s television described as “Extra’s meets Bridget Jones.”

The Kidz Time TV website ( has just gone live and is receiving overwhelmingly positive response, based on comments left on the ingenious program’s YouTube  channel and the website itself.

“I already love Mr Biggles” TV critic Mark Boardman

Made by graduates of The National Film and Television School on location at its studios and described as “Extra’s meets Bridget Jones,” Kidz Time TV is a comedy-drama set behind the scenes on a live children’s television show and follows the quirky crew of “Kidz Time TV” and their exploits as they work in what is supposed to be the most “politically correct” environment of all – children’s television. However, their behaviour is anything but, and the characters have a difficult time keeping their personal problems from spilling onto the live feeds.

Kidz Time TV stars Alison Larnder, Nadine Lewington, Milo Twomey, Cian Barry, Milton Johns, Kristan Phillips, John Pickard, Naomi Cooper Davis, Tom Whitecross, Mark Brighton and Catherine Nix Collins and was directed by Ian Aryeh. Star Alison Larnder is credited with writing the pilot for the project, beginning her work in 2011 after friend and co-star Tom Whitecross told her about his experiences as a children’s television writer for a well-known broadcaster. 

Rich and Lola with Fennel the Dog
Rich and Lola with Fennel the Dog

“What I realised is that fallible adults created this innocent environment and within that environment they had very real adult problems,” explains Larnder. “I fused this setting with problems I had personally experienced in my own life, and what I created – I hope – is a heartwarming show featuring a diverse group of real and comical characters who deal with real adult problems that we all endure every day. It’s about love, loss, friendship and realising that just because it’s a children’s television show, that doesn’t mean that we experience a happy ending by default.”

“Kidz Time TV” is for people of all ages” MarkMeets

While only the pilot episode has been filmed and experienced by a myriad of viewers already, Kidz Time TV is scheduled for a full series moving forward, with early reviews showing huge signs of promise.

For more information visit and or to watch the exploits of the Kidz Time TV characters go to    

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