Rambo 5 plot revealed and production to start

Rambo 5 has recruited director Adrian Grunberg for the job, whilst Sylvester Stallone is now totally committed in bringing the troubled veteran back to the big screen.

The Rambo franchise has had an extremely uncertain future since the last movie was released in 2008. Plans for a Rambo TV series fell through and Stallone announced that he had privately ‘retired’ the character.

Rambo 5 MarkMeets

However, news and rumors about a fifth film started to circulate in 2016 again and was all but confirmed earlier this year. This was backed up by posters appearing at Cannes and Stallone teasing Rambo 5 on social media. Details about the plot, along with some audition tapes, have since appeared online and it appears that the project is now moving forward at speed.

Rambo 5’s plot is said to follow the hero’s quest to rescue a group of innocent girls who have been taken by a sex trafficking ring, with the titular character teaming up with a crusading journalist to retrieve the victims from across the Mexican border and in lawless territory.

Whilst Stallone still has a hand in the screenplay, it seems that the actor will not be seated in the director’s chair this time around. According to GWW, prolific filmmaker Grunberg has been officially handed those duties. Grunberg is probably best known for making 2012’s Get the Gringo, which was also known as How I Spent My Summer Vacation in some territories.

Despite being released directly to VOD in the U.S., the film received plenty of positive reviews and is highly regarded in critical circles. A Mel Gibson vehicle (which he also wrote), it’s an inventive crime thriller with the lead actor playing a getaway driver trying to survive in a Mexican prison. More recently, Grunberg has served as the second unit director for multiple episodes of Narcos, as well as the first assistant director on Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and on Sense8.

MarkMeets has been informed tha production and will start shooting very shortly.


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