Simple Tricks For Getting Exposure For Your New Band

As a new band, it can be hard to get your name out there and get the exposure you need to succeed. It’s frustrating, too. Once you set up a group with your friends and play a couple of local shows, you tend to get a taste for it.

However, there is a big difference between playing at your local bar and sustaining a career in music; for that, you need exposure. The big question is – how are you going to get it?

Here are some simple tricks you can start to use to ensure you are making the right levels of noise with the right people – let’s get started right away.

Contact us!

First of all, if you are proud of your music output, why not get in touch with us? We’ve been discovering new music from all kinds of genres for years and are always on the lookout for new talent. We can’t make any promises, but if your sounds are a good match for us, we’ll let you know.

Play gigs

If you are a bedroom producer that never leaves your desk, it’s going to be difficult to find any success. The simple truth is that no matter how talented you are, there are millions just like you throughout the world, and competing against those numbers is a tough ask.

The trick is to build up a fanbase in the right places. Use your local music venues to put on gigs, and ensure that you get people through the door – the more you play, the more opportunity you have to connect with people.

Give out physical formats

Setting up on Spotify or another streaming site is a good idea, but don’t expect to explode overnight on these kinds of services. And forget about handing out data sticks loaded with mp3s, too. If you can use some of your budget to spend on creating a physical format of your music and spend some time working on great design and branding, it is a far more effective tactic. Look into something like Nationwide Disc Duplication and create batches for Specifics targets. You might hand them out to fans after a gig, for example, or slip them to a DJ at your favorite nightclub. And don’t be afraid to send them to your favorite radio DJ, Either – a physical copy of your music will be more likely to be noticed than a link to your Bandcamp page.

Join in with your local music community

Finally, it can be incredibly difficult to do everything you need to do to get exposure on your own. So, it makes sense to create or join a community of bands and musicians who are in a similar position to yourself. Networking is vital for any business, and you have a lot more power as part of a community than you will ever have alone. You could end up putting on entire bills at your local music venue – maybe even headlining your own festival. The point is, with the support of other, similarly-minded people, your chances of being heard will multiply by a significant amount. Good luck!

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