Stephanie Rainey’s ‘Please Don’t Go’ music video is a must watch

Stephanie Rainey’s ‘Please Don’t Go’, goes viral with over 3.5 million views on Facebook and 430k+ YouTube views

SINGLE ‘PLEASE DON’T GO’ AVAILABLE NOW Via East West Records, Warner Music

Stephanie Rainey

Emotional and honest Stephanie Rainey is a pop/rock artist with a unique and captivating folk twist. Not only that, she is an artist with a rare innate ability to connect with her audience on a truly emotional level.

Stephanie has been steadily making an impact on the Irish, Canadian and American music scenes and her major breakthrough came with her debut EP ‘Half of Me’ reaching No.3 in the Irish chart and No.2 in the Alternative chart, sharing the top three slot with Hozier and The Script. 

But it is a particular track from the EP that has since made an astonishing emotional connection with a huge audience around the world. Inspired by the tragic loss of her nephew ten years ago, the video to the song ‘Please Don’t Go’ has had over 3.5 million views on Facebook and over 430,000 views via Youtube; and these figures are growing by the day.

Via @OntSofa Twitter
Via @OntSofa Twitter

The explanation of the video’s power and popularity lies in its simplicity and authenticity. It is a deeply moving demonstration of genuine heartfelt grief – something to which we can all closely relate. Each participant– including Stephanie’s brother Dylan, father of her nephew, and the comedian Cian Twomey– was filmed holding a sign which explained the passing of a loved one, followed by a message that they’d like to share with them and a photograph of the person in question. It was a process that demanded “two really heavy days” of intensely brave soul-searching from all involved.


The impact has been huge: to the viewing audience– many of whom respond to Stephanie with their own personal stories- to the participants in the video and, naturally, to Stephanie herself:

“It’s hard to put into words what this video means to me and how grateful I am to the people who took part– it wasn’t easy. A few years ago, I lost my nephew very suddenly and it was something that changed my life forever. I can still remember how it felt and I know there are so many other people who have gone through the same thing in one form or another. I feel like this song has resonated the most with me since writing it. I remember the exact place it came from and it never loses its meaning no matter how many times I play it.”

Stephanie is currently working on her new album for release next year: the material will range from personal compositions in the vein of ‘Please Don’t Go’ through to soaring full-band anthems. 

For the few that haven’t yet discovered her- 2016 will be Stephanie Rainey’s time to demonstrate the full vista of her talent.

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