The Who Live in Hyde Park

Over 50 years ago saw the formation of one of the greatest and influential British rock bands of all time: The Who. They showed their fans that after 5 decades they still know how to performed amazing sets in London’s Hyde Park.

Anyone who was at this show will know the energy and atmosphere that Townshend and Daltrey maintained though out the performance and I think the film captures this spectacularly.

The Who - Live in Hyde Park

Starting with a bike rally from West London to Hyde Park seems perfectly fitting. Not only to look back at where the music came from, but also to look at where it is now and the times that have changed from when this trip might have first taken place. Looking at the masses that crammed themselves to see this once-in-a-life-time show, so have the fans evolved with the times.

Director Chris Rule ensured he made good use of the wide-open space, capturing the crowd’s excitement along with the passion. Gigs like this make me feel proud that some bands do still stand the test of time.

The Who - Live in Hyde Park Pic

Mixing up the show that you might have already experienced are several interviews with those who knew the band including Iggy Pop. These make it more than just another show. These make the whole experience more ‘human’.

Backstage features open doors (literally) to show you more about what is happening but most of the time these are hidden in bonus features only shown on DVD’s. Plus, possibly THE BEST part of the DVD is as the credits are rolling. I wont say too much but it is a beautiful tip of the hat to the band and everything they created.

Watch our awesome interview with Chris Rule

It is amazing to see that a band like The Who can still give it their all. I don’t want to say don’t go see a gig in an enclosed space, but having an open sky, massive crowds and just the open space changes any performance.

Not only does this venue feel better but also the camera work is great. Getting shots that were pretty much impossible to get when The Who first started. These may not seem like too much now, in today’s modern world, but looking at the gig as a whole and how it reminded me of what has changed since the beginning, it really makes a nice statement.

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