What were the UK’s favourite TV shows of 2015?

2015 was year where we some great television shows and moments. From ‘Queen of the jungle’ Vicky Pattinson being crowned your I’m a celebrity winner, to Louisa Johnson being crowned your X Factor champion and releasing her winner’s song, to disappointing sales and chart performance. In order to celebrate the National Television Awards this month, Slotfruit have surveyed 1600 people across the UK to find out what your favourite television of the last year.


The results showed that the nation’s favourite show to sit back and watch was The Great British Bake Off. The majority of the people who agreed with this were female between the ages of 40-60, but people as young as 17 admitted to taking enjoyment from the cake and savoury cooking competition.

Next up saw dance off Saturday night favourite Strictly Come Dancing come a close 2nd place, which saw a much greater of a mix of Males and Females voting to crown them their favourite of 2015. However, the age range remained similar to The Great British Bake Off at an average of 35-70, with the youngest being 16 and the East and the South of the country favouring.

The British sci-fi programme Doctor Who, fronted by Peter Capaldi and ex-Emmerdale actress Jenna Coleman claimed 3rd place. Voters leaned more towards the males amongst a variety of different ages, but most prominent were around the late 30s/early 40s and the 50s. Women voters tended to be in their 30s. Voters were mostly from the Midlands or South East of England.

Multiple award winning period drama Downtown Abbey scored 4th position in the survey results. Voters were mostly female amongst again another wide range of different ages, although a lot more male voters did choose this programme as their favourite in contract to The Great British Bake Off. People from the South East and West Midlands favoured the programme, which includes Maggie smith as part of its praised cast.

X Factor claimed the 5th place spot, whose ratings during the series’ final saw it’s lowest ever recordings since Steve Brookstein’s win in 2004. Females in the age bracket 18-30 were the most common voters for the UK singing talent contest, with London fairing more favourably than in previous programmes. The North East were the lowest voters along with Northern Ireland.

Do you agree with the top 5 chosen? If not then tweet us @MarkMeets and tell us what programme you think should take the top spot!

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