Why Olly Murs and Caroline Flack would make a great couple

The chemistry between Olly and Caroline is magical!

Olly admitted recently he would marry his X Factor co-host Caroline Flack.

Olly Murs and Caroline Flack - MarkMeets

The Essex born star explained: “I feel like we have known each other a long time.”

Simon Cowell is desperate for ‘X Factor’ hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack to date, according to ‘Xtra Factor’ presenter Melvin Odoom.

The ‘X Factor’ boss is desperate for the show’s hosts to get together, according to ‘Xtra Factor’ host Melvin Odoom.

He said: ”Simon wants Olly and Caroline to get together. He’s always trying to make them admit they fancy each other and make things awkward for them. They have this incredible chemistry. There’s not a presenting duo around that has that kind of bond.

”They know what the other is thinking and they are always laughing and joking on set – but there is that kind of will-they, won’t-they tension which they’ve always acknowledged and played with. I think they’ve got a nickname that they’ve had since their ‘Xtra Factor’ days – Carolly or something … Brangelina style!”

And Melvin, 35, admits Simon is trying to get him and Rochelle Humes – who is married to former JLS star Marvin Humes – to flirt on camera too.

He added to The Sun: ”To be fair, he tries to get Rochelle Humes and I to flirt during ‘Xtra Factor’. He’s a troublemaker! At least her husband Marvin has nothing to worry about with me.”

Olly commented “We both love each other on more of a friendship level”.

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