Peanuts Film Premiere Interviews

The Peanuts Movie UK Premiere, Leicester SQ!

This weekend was the cherry on top with the release of The Peanuts Movie in Leicester Square. A family favourite. We were joined by an array of fans, from adults to the newer generation of children.

Peanuts Movie Premiere

We also, bumped into a number of Celebrities, who told us how much they LOVED Charlie Brown, Snoopy & The Gang. Invited, were: Union J’s JJ Hamblett and Family, Outnumbered’s Tyger Drew-Honey, Comedian Omid Djalili; Presenter’s Helen Fospero, Kate Garraway & Vanessa Feltz; Capital FM’s Kat Shoob, Bird’s of a Feather Linda Robson, and Of Course (Who can forget these Celeb’s) Charlie Brown & Snoopy!

[Peanuts Movie Trailer]

A magical Saturday morning within the VUE Cinema. The queue’s were jam-packed with families across all generations waiting to watch the movie. I entered onto a light blue snowy carpet and took on the excitement. I felt like a kid again! Upstairs I saw families sitting on cinema seats beside Charlie & Snoopy having their photo’s taken, children playing games, goody bags handed out. A great weekend morning treat for the family.

I would of loved to have taken a pic with Charlie & Snoopy, and eat a free cupcake upstairs. But, I had a date with the Celebrities downstairs to see what brought them here to the Peanuts Movie UK Film Premiere. Watch what we spoke about —

[Celeb Interviews]


We forgot to ask Omid Djalili “How Godzilla would of found the movie?” I’m guessing it’ll go something like this: “ROAR!” Well, that’s settled 🙂

To support the release of the Peanuts Movie in the UK, ITV’s Text Santa today revealed at the Hamley’s Toy Parade on London’s Regent Street, their collaboration by auctioning off Limited Edition Snoopy Kennel’s, on

There are 15 altogether and have been designed by a supportive and creative group of Celebrities! Some of them included: Joanna Lumly, Coronation Street, Jack Black, McBusted, Sharon Osbourne, Orla Kiely, The Vaccines, Little Mix and Andy Murray!

Charlie Brown, Snoopy & The Gang will be joining us this Christmas on December 21st 2015!

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Tickets can be purchased in advance. Please visit your local cinema or online.

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Thanks for Reading! Adios Peanuts fans. I’m off to get that Peanuts Selfie!

Article & Video by: Ali Armian from Quulzz.

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