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In the heart of the sea is the next big London film premieres confirmed to take place in Leicester Square.

Here at MarkMeets our dedicated media team has been the UK’s preferred source for Film Premiere event info and UK movie premieres in the capital since 2004.


In the Heart of the Sea

In the Heart of the Sea


European Premiere is on Wednesday 2nd December 2015 at the Empire cinema, Leicester Square London.

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson

Directed by Ron Howard



Hateful Eight Premiere schueled on Thursday 10th December in London.

Hateful Eight

The movie stars Channing Tatum, Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

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Everyone loves rubbing shoulders with the celebrities and now you can too at each and every London film premiere. Entry to watch the film premiere action is free, you will need a wristband to watch from behind the safety barries for BIG premieres and offcourse a ticket for access to the red carpet it’s self to watch the film once you have walked the long red carpet!

New film open every week in Hollywood, of course, but often the big studios decide to pull out all the stops and throw an old-fashioned, full-blown film premiere (sometimes called “special screenings”).

High-intensity searchlights criss-cross the night sky. Movie stars arrive in blacked our cars in front of the cinema, to the applause of an adoring crowd. TV reporters interview stars, while photographers shoot photos of the celebrities on the red carpet, before they go inside to watch the film… It’s quite a sight. And a quintessential MARKMEETS VIP experience.

Premieres are a great way to meet like minded people, compare autographs and have a good time!

Due to British weather you are always best to take a coat and hat with you, carry a drink and a bite to eat. Avoid being annoying so leave bags and umbrellas at home if possible.

Be considerate to others and enjoy the experience!


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