A Beginners Guide on Bitcoin Wallet

As the term wallet itself gives you an idea, it must be something where you store your currency, just like you do with your regular wallet, from where easily access your currency. Here is in detail all about the Bitcoin wallet, all that is essential to build your concept. There is Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin etc. but the popularity of start using Bitcoin is such that, it has taken the whole world under its grip. 

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency in the market since the advent of cryptocurrencies and even has the highest market value. However, once you acquire a bitcoin or as many, you need a safe place to store your currency. Since bitcoin is a digital form of currency, you need a digital location for storage as well. 

BTC or Bitcoin wallet is an electronic wallet where you can store your bitcoins, however, you need security to keep your assets safe. However, to enhance user ease wallet appsare designed to automatically integrate and allot a private key for all outgoing transactions. It is the app that auto-generates definite wallet addresses for any transaction that you make.

  • A Bitcoin Wallet helps you to store your bitcoins safely and with your definite private authorizes you for transactions.
  • Since cryptocurrency transactions are recorded through cryptographic information in blockchains, bitcoin wallets work as the gateway to access your Bitcoin addresses and also to initiate transactions. 
  • Not only bitcoins but you can also store other cryptocurrencies in your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Since there is no government or intermediary institution, you should be very careful about what you invest and how you do so. 
  • However, your cryptocurrencies do not have any physical existence, and you need your private key which is in the app as well to access your coins which are in the blockchain. 

Choice of Bitcoin Wallet 

Even amongst bitcoin wallets,different types of wallets cater to the varied requirements of users. When making a choice of wallets you need to prioritize your requirements. Using and channelizing Bitcoin requires complex mathematical problem solving so that there is no issue in dealin in this crypto. 

Again, there are these full-node wallets that are solely dedicated to the BTC network. When you are looking for any other platform offering wallets you must confirm:

  • Store only BTC or any other cryptocurrency as well
  • Security quotient
  • Usability ease
  • User convenience features


There is easy-to-use and handy access available for Bitcoin mobile wallets which are integrated with built-in cryptocurrency blockchain access nodes, or exchanges.  Since many companies, restaurants, and shopping malls in the US and many other countries nowadays accept cryptocurrencies as payment, you need instant QR code scanners in your mobile wallet. These wallets can be used on mobiles, tablets, etc. 


Unlike the web or mobile where your bitcoins or cryptocurrencies are stored in the blockchain, with this desktop wallet, you can save the bitcoin on your hard drive. So, you don’t have to rely on any thirdparty for securing your assets. However, computers linked tothe internet can also have the risk of getting hacked.


The concept of a web Bitcoin Wallet is to store your coins with the help of an online third party. you can access your coins for transactions from any device through a suitable exchange like Bitcoin Era. These web-based wallets are mostly associated with exchanges for trading, so you need to buy or sell your bitcoins through an exchange. 


Hardware wallets are like USBs, external hard drive-like devices which need to be connected to the internet to be able to perform transactions. Some of the popular devices working as bitcoin wallets these days are Ledger Nano X Bitcoin Wallet, Moko Mini Crypto, Buy Safe Pal S1, Trezor Model T Bitcoin Wallet, etc. 

There is yet another name attributed to hardware-based crypto wallets that is cold storage or cold wallets since these are not directly connected to the internet. 

Paper Wallets

This is simply taking a printout of your QR code or passkey on a paper so that no hacker can get access to it. However, it is important to keep the physical document safe. 

Now when you know the different types of bitcoin wallets and their usage advantages, you can choose accordingly. 

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