Open a Live Caplita Account Now and Limit Your Potential Losses

Restricting your potential losses in trading is essential to securing high returns from the financial markets.  The award-winning trading platform with an international reputation for helping traders with stop-loss order tools.

Apart from this tool, there are also several risk-management tools in this brokerage company. Therefore, if you are facing difficulty to manage the potential risk of your trading, try this brokerage company for online trading. You will definitely have a supportive environment. The major mistake that most novice traders do is that they do not recognize which investments are suitable for them. To help you find an appropriate way of trading based on your knowledge and experience, this investment company offers five distinct account types. This article will discuss the advantages of opening a live account with this brokerage company.

The Advantages of Opening a Trading Account

You will have a suitable and supportive trading environment as well as many other facilities, such as 

Distinct Account Types:

This investment company offers support to different global clients with different needs. Therefore, to take care of the satisfaction of all the clients, this organization provides distinct account types and multiple unique supportive materials. This allows the traders to choose the best account type dependingon their knowledge, experience, and trading style. The account types that are available at this financial organization are trader,beginner, VIP, expert, and exclusive. Each account will give you unique leverage. The major limitations with the Beginner and Trader account type are that you will have limited open positions and no access to the trading signals. To get access to trading signals, unlimited open positions, and better leverages, you should start trading with the VIP expert, or Exclusive account types. However, these account types can be risky for novice traders. Each account also requires the deposit of a unique amount of money.

Safety of Your Funds:

This brokerage company also takes care of your funds with the help of the Straight Through Processing system (STP). This system offers an additional layer of safety by not allowing anyone to intervene. With this broker, your funds will also be kept in segregated bank accounts to evade any conflict of interest and allow you to have complete control over your investments.

Risk Management Tools:

The two chief risk management tools that you will have with Caplita are the limit order and the stop-loss order tools. The limit order tool is useful to limit your payment of the maximum price and receive the minimum price. On the other hand, the sop-loss order tool is helpful to set your trading position at a fixed price so that automatically it gets liquidated and helps you to evade the potential losses.

Client Verification: 

All client details including identity, investment objectives, nature of business, income, and source of assets are verified. The purpose of this verification is not to allow the residents of OFAC sanctioned countries in trading.

So, to enjoy the profits of online trading by using the risk management tools and other facilities, open a live account today. 

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