Dominik Diamond ‘snubbed from the GamesMaster reboot’

Dominik Diamond was snubbed from the ‘GamesMaster’ reboot.

The original presenter of the 90s Channel 4 video game programme – which was brought back in 2021, first on YouTube before heading to E4 – entered into discussions to come back, but the talks were “not fruitful”.

The 52-year-old broadcaster is quoted as saying: “I’m not saying there weren’t conversations that happened between me and the producers but obviously those conversations were not fruitful, shall we say.”

Dominik admitted to going “way back” with the new presenter Robert ‘Rab’ Florence – who joined new GamesMaster Sir Trevor McDonald, the replacement for Sir Patrick Moore – and liking him “a lot” so was tight-lipped on his true opinions on the new show.

Of the new blood, he said: “I like him a lot and I go way back with him.”

Last October, Trevor admitted he was “delighted” to be taking over from the late Patrick – who died in 2012 aged 89 – as the GamesMaster, whose duties involved setting challenges and giving hints and tips to gamers.

He said: “I am delighted to be taking on this iconic role for a new generation of viewers.”

The original TV series ran from 1992 to 1998 and featured video game reviews as well as challenges where game players would compete against one another for the title of ‘GamesMaster Champion’ .

In the first format, Patrick provided hints and tips to players as the titular GamesMaster, while the series was hosted by Dominik, and for a brief period by Dexter Fletcher.

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