How To Complete CoD: Vanguard Camo Challenges Fast?

Since the new chapter in the franchise came out, players have been having fun exploring new maps, completing the campaign, partaking in battles, and just trying out everything the game offers. But, unfortunately, nothing’s perfect, and in the case of Vanguard, that one imperfection is infamous camo challenges.

Yes, the Call of Duty series is known for having magnificent and just practical weapon camouflages that players want to possess and have to earn first. Except for Black Ops, almost in every game of the franchise, skins can be earned by completing a certain objective or headshots. It has already caused players to struggle, but in the latest installment, devs went beyond and made camo challenges way too demanding. And the fact that many fans share this opinion speaks volumes. At this point, many start to consider the idea of getting some help with it, from Vanguard boosters, for instance.

So, let’s see what’s so complex about these tasks. First of all, it’s crucial to understand that camo categories for multiplayer gaming and Zombies modes are similar except for their objectives and high tier camouflages. Here’s the list:

  • Predatory Ambition
  • Deadeye
  • Surgical
  • Reptilian
  • Pack Tactics
  • Wildcat
  • Berserker

The mastery camouflages for multiplayer are:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Atomic

In Zombies, you’ll be after the following premium skins:

  • Golden Viper
  • Plague Diamond
  • Dark Aether

Overall, there are 206 Call of Duty Vanguard camos! And let’s be honest, it’s a lot, considering that each category has specific requirements. For instance, in order to get access to all multiplayer Reptilian skins, you must get 5 kills without dying 30 times. And if you want to acquire every Zombies Berserker camo, prepare to complete 100 Boom-Schrier kills. Moreover, after you’re done with these, you’ll need to work your way to mastery camouflages, which have tasks of their own. For Diamond, for instance, you must acquire Gold for each ordnance in class. That’s also the reason why only a few make it to the end of this part.

Just imagine how many hours you’re going to spend on it! Even the thought of it might give you a headache already. However, there are actually two ways to obtain them all. The first and most obvious is to sit tight and spend your days and nights grinding, but if that scenario is not for you (which is understandable), there’s another option. You can follow the lead of many players who don’t hesitate to ask Vanguard booster for assistance.

Despite tons of myths surrounding carry services, they are actually a useful and safe tool that may drastically help your gaming experience. All boosters are usually professional players who gladly provide assistance to casual gamers. Most of the time, they know the game so well, they need only a few hours or days to beat a mission, which takes weeks for others to finish. And don’t assume that these services use some sort of cheats since PRO gamers only rely on their knowledge and skills.

So, in the case of tasks, asking for help might actually be a good idea compared to going through all difficulties alone without having actual fun and joy you’re probably after.

Well, going back to the original question about how to deal with challenges quickly. The answer might be a Vanguard boost. That way, you will benefit greatly because you’ll save time and your nerves, avoid the tedious part of a game, and most importantly, you’ll enjoy the game the way you want it, no matter what obstacle it throws at you. And that seems like a great reason to sometimes turn to someone more experienced for help with these tricky camo challenges.

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