4 Ways to Encourage Young Adults Into Spiritual Growth

Most young adult parents are unsure how to support their kids’ spiritual growth. Though, the responsibility of guiding their hearts seems more difficult once the kids reach their teenage years and young adulthood. Parents frequently struggle to advance their parental responsibilities.

While parents and educators cannot force youngsters to have religious growth, they can create conditions that can result in transformation. God specifically formed the teen for this development period, which is the thrilling and redeeming reality.

4 Essential Ways for Spiritual Development

Your teen will be well-equipped to handle the difficulties and tribulations in this constantly shifting world if they are committed to understanding and loving God. Here are four crucial strategies to help you advance in your spiritual development. Despite being straightforward, they are essential to developing your connection with the Lord. You must know How to study the Bible and follow its path.

1) Join in prayer and be an example

Being a leading embodiment of the person you wish the youngster to become is perhaps the most crucial thing you can accomplish for them. Enable them to visualize your challenges and apologize when you are mistaken. 

Be kind, compassionate, and forgiving to them. Let the kids hear you speak to God and worship every day. Pray for approvals and discuss how God has fulfilled prayers in the past. Together, go to worship and praise God. Our spiritual path is our best resource for assisting teenagers in their spiritual development.

2) Reconnecting youth with the bible

Bible study requires a lot of effort and concentration. But if persistent, this consequence will be very effective. To make Bible study easily fit into their regular basis, think about combining it with another work that would make them enjoy it. Happily, God’s Word makes it very obvious for us to worship and why we need to pray. Why not try signing them up for Bible prophecy class for small groups so it’s easier to learn alongside other avid learners?

3) Pay attention to what they have to say

A teen might greatly benefit from having someone listening to them as they express the thoughts running through their heads. Bringing up issues like these can be difficult or even uncomfortable. They are developing into adults more quickly than you imagine, so let them know you value their opinions and offer them the opportunity to express their reasonable worries and questions. 

They could feel more comfortable confiding in you about their problems if they see that you are eager to listen to them. This is what you seek because if you don’t know what they’re suffering, you can’t assist them in growing spiritually.

4) Make sure they are part of a community group of believers

To develop spiritually, the youth needs to be involved in the religious community. The early ministries, like Planetshakers church, regularly gathered to interpret the bible, pray, and engage in musical worship was what caused their fast spread. Connecting with others provides unmatched spiritual support that is crucial for development. You can receive compassion, humility, and many more from our church families.

Serving others is the ideal way to get engaged with your local church. Also, young adults have become more musically inclined than anyone else, and there are now musical groups performing at concerts worldwide while singing songs that inspire people to worship God.


Our perspective for a prosperous future is made stronger by our spirituality. There will always be challenges in people’s lives, but they may overcome them if they maintain their faith. Their spiritual growth improves young people’s capacity to cope with and recover from harsh events.

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