Good reasons for spring cleaning

As winter ends and the days grow longer and brighter, many people long to leave the old behind and tidy up. The sunshine honestly shows the dust in the apartment and the streaks on the windows that have veiled the dark winter days. In addition to our need for tidiness, there are many other benefits to spring cleaning which we present in this article. For information on how to make cleaning faster and easier, you can visit our blog at

Sense of control

Tidiness makes us feel like being in control of our lives. When we tidy up the apartment, we simultaneously regain motivation to declutter and tidy up other things in our lives as well. In this respect, cleaning also positively affects our mental health because cleaning is a good way to deal with stress and anxiety. You may not be able to take care of all the problems in your life, but cleaning up your home gives many people more self-confidence. Therefore, the satisfying feeling of cleanliness and order makes for less emotional stress and more satisfaction. 


For many, regular cleaning becomes a kind of ritual that is done in a certain rhythm. Everyday rituals provide stability and security. If you wake up in an aesthetically pleasing room or work at home and enjoy order, you immediately have the feeling that everyday life is running smoothly. Order also make a great impression on visitors who drop by for a coffee. Cleanliness instantly suggests structure and planning in a person’s life. In addition, regular cleaning and tidying offers huge stress savings because when people spontaneously come to visit, you don’t have to excuse your mess or throw various things in the closet and under the bed, but can invite them in right away. Successful examples of tidy homes and apartment maintenance to gather your own motivation.

Productivity and rewards

Sprucing up the whole apartment can take some time. If you are motivated for an entire day, you can take care of different actions one after the other and then rest for a few days and call Clearview window cleaning for help. Otherwise, it is also worthwhile to distribute the tasks over several days to take on a small workload every day.

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Calming effect

Cleaning can also have a meditative effect. While brushing and cleaning, many people are able to clear their minds and stop brooding, as they concentrate on scrubbing and polishing instead of worrying about problems. Furthermore, cleaning also offers a digital detox because the cell phone is not needed for the time of cleaning and prevents that bad news from the world or other stressful things reach us and disturb the well-deserved seclusion. Above all, there is something satisfying about cleaning an apartment, as the effect is immediately visible to everyone afterwards, and the result of one’s productivity has an uplifting effect on one’s personality. Such visual effects can significantly increase the feel-good effect in one’s home. “When you walk into a clean and tidy room, it can be invigorating and calming, whereas in an untidy room you feel exhausted and overwhelmed,” a psychologist says. “We know we’ve taken charge of things, and we feel better about ourselves as a result,” she explains.

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