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A rollercoaster of emotions almost always succeeds the bittersweet moment of turning your book’s last page. As your characters’ journey winds up to a gripping end, yours only then begins with an interpretive plot pore, a vindicate string of literary criticism and the itching anticipation for your next read. Often, you’ll maintain the hope that the next book you pick up is just as good or, at the very least, matches those that have gone down as your favorites. Theoretically, it sounds simple; however, the actuality of finding that perfect book is a bit more taxing.

Four practical book hunting strategies.

Before delving into anything, it’s best to work out the preliminaries. What do we mean? Finding your next worthy read will only be as effortless as the forethought you put into it. So, let go of the urge to google fun books to read, and start laying a solid groundwork to make your search painless. Following this, we’ve established four things one should do before book rummaging. 

  • Record the specs: You probably have a book stuck in mind; it could be your latest read or a publication you cherish. Make a point to note down the book’s details, starting with the author’s name, title, genre and publisher.
  • Browse read-alikes: From the recorded book’s specifications, try looking up similar reads by the same author or publishing house. Often this route will land you in some comparable parallel writings.
  • Create a reading history: If you don’t already have a reading history saved, you might want to start keeping tabs on the books you read with an elaborate catalog.
  • Trace a pattern: By now, you should be able to observe a pattern in your reading choices- it could be that you’re drawn to a particular writing style, age, genre, or subject matter.

Five ingenious ways to find great reads

With your work cut out for you, this next phase should be a piece of cake. The above mentioned strategies already hint at some promising book-hunting guidelines parallel to your needs and interests; naturally, the next phase is extrospective. Forget the random shelf and book store pick-ups; we’re talking about a limitless exploration of some of the finest book sources guaranteed to hit the spot. Sounds intriguing? Read on for the scoop.

Visit a library

We’re all for the digital shift, although, let’s face it, nothing beats a brick-and-mortar library. Traditional as they may be, libraries expose us to an endless collection of reading materials. That, coupled with their resourceful staff and tools, makes them a go-to hunting ground for picky readers. Anyone scouting an extensive book source should consider taking a trip to the library; there, they’ll be able to access thousands of unique books, place holds, and request interlibrary transfers for out-of-system items.

Go for recommendations

Look around you; you’d be surprised by the number of readers in your circle. Rather than sweat your next book selection, we’d suggest reaching out to closest friends, family and colleagues for a book recommendation. Half of the time, these individuals have had their fair share of reads, so you’re guaranteed to get a treat to some catchy pieces. Whether you choose to hint at your preferences or take a stray away from your regular cup of Joe with their dearest reads, recommendations are an innovative approach to finding your next book.

Join a book club

If not already signed to a book club, you might want to join one; these influential movements are a wonderful way to find impressive reads. Organized and operated by enlightened directors, book clubs regularly post top-rated selections for their members to explore. Before you cringe at the thought of tea and biscuits, we’d like to point you to the online alternative. Thanks to technology, you can now look up genre-based book clubs online to find suggestions that align with your needs and interests in the comfort of your home. Sweet deal!

Post about it

Yes, social media gets a vote on this. Reading is a global culture, and while many may not comment on your cute puppy pictures, a good fraction responds well to the universal language of books. Most readers have admitted to finding glorious book suggestions from total strangers online with a simple post, so why not give it a shot? Anything from an interactive Facebook post of your reading list to an insta-worthy picture of Nancy Bilyeau’s copy of The Tapestry is enough to get the conversation going.

Search websites

Whoa, there’s no way we would end this list without crediting Google. For years, the website has been our go-to for all sorts of questions and book suggestions are no exception. Consider taking your hunt online with the help of our book hunting strategies; type in your favorite author’s name, book title or genre with keywords like “similar books” or “read-alikes” for accurate findings. Then again, you could explore your favorite author’s work. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem.

Final takeaway

Experiencing a good literary piece will always leave you yearning for more. For readers with established reading lists, this is no point of frustration; however, if you’re one to go with the flow, the pressure is on. Nobody wants to waste hours on a book that does not align with their interests; as such, a sifting criterion is essential. The above tips are tailored to help the reader navigate the gazillion publications in the market, saving them a great deal of time and energy. If you’re stuck in a reading rut, explore these strategies and sources to pull yourself right out of it. Happy hunting.

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