Celebrities who Love Gambling

There has never been any shortage of celebrities enjoying the sport. The rest of us can see them playing various games at casinos and other attractions. Almost all celebrities today enjoy online casinos with an abundance of features. Tell me who we are checking out, the famous person who loves gambling.

Ten Celebrities Who Love Casinos

Gambling can be an interesting activity in any society – old and young to rich and poor all share a similar interest in gambling. And unlike us ordinary folks, celebrities are extremely wealthy and can play large stake games. Earlier, these celebrities had been playing in exclusive gambling casinos reserved for the most prestigious. Currently however, many people turn to online casinos that give their customers more convenience and privacy.

Ben Affleck

He was the best-known actor and screenwriter on the “Goodwill Hunt”, Justice League and other Hollywood block-busting movies. Sadly, for him it has resulted in a gambling problem and he has had to go to rehab because of a huge loss at poker. With many of the newer online UK casinos starting to restrict people from going overboard with their finance it’s safe to say that worrying about going over your limit and falling into debt is a thing of the past now with the Gambling law and regulations having becoming stricter.

Ben Affleck managed to overcome his gambling issues and even started profiting off poker and organized charity tournaments that raised more than $700,000 from his celebrity friends. He was also known for generously giving tip tips to the casino employee.

Michael Jordan

Sports stars have learned to maintain the skill sets to be developed continuously. Knowing that regardless of how often they practice, every successful event is guaranteed to bring luck with it. This frightfully unpredictable mixture may explain the huge popularity of celebrities in the sports betting industry. Most famous gamblers say rumours are that basketball legends like Michael Jordan cannot resist putting up bets. He’s been known as betting on the outcome from games like Rock Paper-Scissors and on golf.

George Clooney

George also starred with Brad Pitt in the 11th Ocean. Brad’s friends had played poker since childhood. Using Tobey Maguire’s assistance his game was a major part of private Hollywood movies. They were inspirations for Molly Game movies. He had a gambling hobby and tried to build casinos in Las Vegas. Las Rambla in Las Vegas was never seen by many due to its slow start in planning, although veteran players already spent millions on projects. He never took his own gambles.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon was the first one to become a big name in Hollywood. A five-time Oscar-nominee with one Oscar-winning actor, she developed her love for gamble in her acclaimed 1998 film, “Rounders.” Damon’s preparation was coached by professional poker ace Johnny Chan. Despite the film’s end, Hollywood A-listers continued to indulge in table games like poker or blackjack. While Damon doesn’t often play, he may find his way into prestigious casinos.

50 cents

The internationally recognized 50 Cent is one of the biggest rappers of the 2000s hip hop. His fame gave him ample income, which allowed him to place big wagers and gamble the way he wanted. But unlike other stars who enjoy gambling, 50 Cent has an interest in sport. It is fortunately that his two victories are legendary. He put 2,000 bets into Floyd Mayweather’s win over Manny Pacquiao and the San Diego Giants and won both.

Charles Barkley

Barkley is a top-level sportsman. He also created his niche in poker by playing in films and sports. Poker is an easy moneymaking game, but despite the loss of his money there is an immense risk. The billionaire said he had a fortune in casino gambling after a quit-on basketball a month back in 2010. His successful basketball experience also allows him the ability to gamble for as much as he likes.

Brad Pitt

Then there’s actor Brad Pitt. It seems the Ocean franchise sparked a desire for the joy of gaming as was the case for many others. In preparation for the gaming scenes, Pitt visited several casinos in order to improve his gaming skills, as well as experience the unique atmosphere in such an establishment. He continues playing casino table games whenever he gets the time.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire appeared in the film Spider Man. But since the teens, he has spent years playing poker. Besides participating in many private Hollywood games, he helped in the development of the movie Molly’s Game. His success has been praised by winning numerous Texas Hold’em matches.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was the most famous socialite of the era. Las Vegas is an annual visitor attraction. She won $30.50 in Las Vegas. The petite socialite apparently plays online casinos as well as poker sites, rumour suggests. If you’re using poker app sites, you might come across this famous gambling woman online!

Jessica Simpson

During her time as actress Jessica Simpson, she rented a room on the Palm Casino at Palms Casino in Vegas so she could have no need to go further to indulge in a night of fun in a casino.

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