How to Unblock Mean Girls Everywhere in the World

We all love a movie right and sometimes you may have difficulty accessing some sites for music from oasis to Elvis, films-even the one’s you pay for at home or holiday.

First of all, you need to find out what Netflix catalog has Mean Girls. If your country is not on the list, then you can use a vpn to unblock this great movie and enjoy it anyway! 

This will hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic – exactly what you need to unblock any Netflix library in the world. 

So even if you’re in the US and you can’t watch Mean Girls, here’s how you can unblock it: 

  1. Find a provider (for example, Nord, Express, or Private are good options).
  2. Download and install the app on your device. 
  3. Choose a server in a country where Mean Girls is already streaming. 
  4. Log into your Netflix account. 

That’s all, now you can enjoy your favorite movie. And the good news is that you can repeat these steps for any Netflix show. The only thing you should keep in mind is to choose a server in a country where that Netflix title is already streaming. 

Why Do You Have to Use a to Unblock Mean Girls?

Because in some countries the legal rights to stream Mean Girls are held by another broadcasting company. 

When a legal copyright contract is closed with a certain broadcaster, other competitors don’t get to stream that certain movie or TV show until the contract expires. If Netflix does it anyway, they’ll get sued for not respecting that contract. 

Besides, there’s another thing Netflix may consider – Mean Girls has an IMDb score of 7/10, which means many people consider it average. Sure, it’s a fun and easy movie, just perfect for the weekend.  

But in the US, where the market is almost saturated with high school dramas, streaming another movie like that might not be profitable for Netflix because people won’t watch it. 

Instead, this movie has the potential to perform great in a country where people aren’t used to the regular American highschool drama – South Korea in this case! 

So, in this situation, Netflix thinks it is more profitable to stream the movie outside the US. 

What If the Server You Choose Can’t Unblock Mean Girls?

There might be a few reasons why you can’t unblock Mean Girls on Netflix, so here’s what you can do to fix this: 

1. Choose Another Server

Netflix constantly blocks IP addresses, so you might stumble across a server that’s already been banned. 

So disconnect from the server you’re using to at the moment, and try connecting to a different one.   

2. Use Dedicated Streaming Servers

Netflix blocks IPs very often, and many providers offer dedicated streaming servers that refresh their IP addresses very frequently to avoid Netflix’s IP blocks. If your current provider has dedicated streaming servers, use them instead of the regular servers.

3. Don’t Use Your Default Browser

It’s very likely that your default browser has cookies that might interfere with the app because they reveal your real geo-location (so just hiding your IP address isn’t enough anymore). So make sure you’re logging into your Netflix account from a different browser, preferably through its incognito/private mode. 

4. Ask the Support Reps Which Servers Are Best to Use

There are cases when won’t make certain information public – like which servers are the most optimized for Netflix. They do this so that their servers won’t get banned so easily. 

Ask the provider’s support reps which servers you should use to watch Mean Girls on Netflix. 

What If You Experience Slow Internet Speeds?

Here’s a list of tips to improve your speeds while watching Netflix: 

1. Don’t Use Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is the king of eating RAM, so use Opera or Firefox instead. 

That’s because Google Chrome does this thing where it splits every tab and extension into its process. So if one of them crashes, Google Chrome will close just that problematic tab, not all of them. 

Most of the time, this comes in very handy. In this case, however, it’s better to use Netflix with other browsers. 

2. Close All Web-Connected Apps

Apps that are running in the background slow down your internet speeds. This will make your movie less enjoyable because it will buffer a lot. 

Once your popcorn is ready, don’t forget to close any apps that you don’t use while watching Mean Girls – browsers with 20+ tabs opened, social media, Skype, and so on. 

3. Use Fast Protocols

Instead of using Open, choose WireGuard or IKEv2/IPSec instead.

In our tests, we’ve experienced 50-60% slowdowns with Open. But with IKEv2/IPSec or WireGuard, we only experience 20% slowdowns. Which makes these 2 protocols almost 3 times faster than Open. 

4. Use a Nearby Server (If Possible)

If you’re from the US, choose a server from Canada rather than one from Europe or Asia, because it’s closer to your location. This way, the traffic that comes from and to your device will travel faster and reach its destination quicker. 

5. Connect to a Server That’s Not Overcrowded

If the app displays the server load percentage (how many active users are connected to a server), connect to a server that’s not overcrowded. 

We ran tests and we had 30% faster speeds when using servers with low load.

6. Use Wired Connections Instead of WiFi

WiFi speeds can be pretty unstable if the signal isn’t strong enough, so, if possible, connect your device to the web with an ethernet cable. 

Ethernet connections are more reliable and faster because they are hard-wired, so your traffic doesn’t have to travel through wireless signals. 

Have You Ever Used a to Unblock a Netflix Show?

Have you tried any protocols that improved your Netflix experience? Or do you know any other tips that can boost your internet speeds when you use? If yes, we’d love to hear everything about your experience in the comments section!

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