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London is the showbiz home of the UK with events taking place in the capital every day.

From London film premieres to book signings, product launches, restaurant openings, movie screenings, press nights, charity functions, award ceremonies, music festivals and more events on-going…

What’s on London’s most Exclusive Events

What’s on London’s most Exclusive Events


Have you ever heard about an event you would have love to have attended only to find it’s already taken place!

Would you like to have access to listings of over 7000 events a year? with news of events taking place more than 12 months in advance in some cases? Well read on…

You can always spend hours scouring the web for a tiny bit of info…or for a low month fee subscribe to get the full picture which access to:

Details of 7000+ Events taking in London throught the year
Search by categories to filter what you are looking for fast
See which celebs are expected to attend
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Receieve a Weekly newsletter so you can plan for the week ahead
Never miss an event again!
+ Much more!

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