2026 Bentley EV to feature hands-off driving tech

Bentley prepares for EV production in 2026

Bentley’s first electric car, due on sale in 2026, will be available with hands-free driving capability, brand CEO Adrian Hallmark has said.

The new EV – which will be unveiled in 2025 – will be built on the new PPE (Performance Platform Electric) architecture developed alongside Audi and Porsche and use the Volkswagen Group’s software 1.2, which enables hands-free driving.

Hallmark confirmed Bentley will use Mobileye’s SuperVision technology, recently confirmed for the Porsche e-Macan on the same platform, which uses 11 cameras, Mobileye’s EyeQ5 chip and crowd-sourced high-definition maps to allow hands-off, eyes-on level-two-plus autonomy.

The Bentley EV will initially offer ‘partial’ hands-off driving on motorways and automated parking, with ‘full autonomous’ coming later, Hallmark told Autocar. 

Mobileye has said SuperVision allows for level-three, hands-free, eyes-off autonomy on motorways.

The slow development of the 1.2 software within the Volkswagen Group has led to the delay of the Bentley EV, as well as the Porsche e-Macan and Audi Q6 E-tron on the same platform.

The final approval of the 1.2 software, aimed at premium cars within the Volkswagen Group, is now being led by ex-Bentley manufacturing head Peter Bosch, who was appointed head of the Cariad software unit in May following a shake-up in the troubled division.

The PPE electric architecture will allow power of up to 939bhp, Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume told investors earlier this week, giving a hint at the likely output of the Bentley. 

Hallmark has previously said the EV will be “an incremental product” to the current line-up. “We intend to create not just an EV but to shape a segment too,” he told Autocar last year. 

Bentley plans five new electric cars in five years starting from the unveiling of the first, segment-busting car in 2025. 

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