6 Tips to Deal With an Unfair Insurance Company Following an Accident

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Accidents can have a devastating effect on the people who are involved, and it is not very easy to deal with the trauma. The issues aggravate if you also deal with an unfair insurance company. It is always recommended to get help to negotiate with the insurance company with experienced lawyers and guides. Here are a few tips that may help you deal with an unfair insurance company.

  1. Avoid settlements without a consultant

Never get into a settlement with an insurance company without a lawyer or a consultant. There are so many terms and conditions that people may consider loopholes for the insurance company to save themselves. A good lawyer would help you identify those gaps and protect you from an undue claim. 

  1. Prepare your statement

Do not record a statement for the police or the insurance company right after the accident, as you may be in shock and give away some valuable grounds. The key here is to understand that the accident has happened and the loss is incurred. Prepare your statement when you have a clear mind, recalling true facts and events, and only then submit it to your insurance company.

  1. Always stick to the facts

Stick to what has happened and the things that you remember. Our mind may block the memories of the accident, making it very hard to recall the events. Instead of assuming what might have happened, stick to the basics and only record the facts you remember. Even if the agent tries to guide you, do not deviate from the things you actually remember. 

  1. Make notes of the accident 

Making notes of the accident can be very helpful when dealing with an unfair insurance company. Write down the small details, take voice notes on your phone so that you may remember what happened, and, if possible, take pictures of the car and the surrounding areas. Even the small details, like the tire tracks, area of initial impact, shattered glasses, etc., can be very useful when you eventually deal with the insurance provider.  

  1. Hire a personal injury lawyer

A lawyer, especially a personal injury lawyer, can greatly help deal and negotiate with the insurance company. They would help and guide you in understanding the true nature of the damage caused and how to deal with the insurance providers. Although they may cost, the lawyers save more in the US for you. 

  1. Follow the due process

Lastly, always follow the due process of accident reporting and insurance claims. Even if the insurance agents suggest that by skipping a few steps, you can get your claim early, DO NOT fall for that trap. Take your time in making the case, negotiate with the help of professionals, and do not try to settle quickly. 


Getting an insurance plan for yourself and your car should be a well-researched decision, but once you have made the final decision and the need arises to get any claims, make sure you keep the tips and tricks in mind to avoid being scammed or unfairly treated. 

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