5 motivational movies that will change your life forever

How long ago did you have a feeling of the emotional outburst after watching a movie?

The cinema industry is developing with a cosmic speed. Every year the quality of image, animation and special effects is getting better. But unfortunately, the high-quality special effects could hardly inspire to change a life once and for all. Most of them have been filmed only for entertainment purpose.

Among thousands of films, we have selected for you those which may easily transform your consciousness. There is a list of top five sensational and complicated for comprehension movies that will stick to your memory once and for all.


The film “Earthlingscame out in 2005. It was directed by Shaun Monson. It is a hieratic documentary film about the problem of animal exploitation by people. Mankind uses animals for the variety of purposes such as producing food and clothes, for scientific researchers and entertainment.

It demonstrates horrific hidden camera shots from Zoo magazines, zoological gardens, animal shelters, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, research labs and entertainment events where animals are used. Producers are indicating on selfishness and callousness of the human race, the enormous harm from animal breeding and fisheries on a global scale.

“Earthlings” is one of the most fundamental films about the perception of the world, life and the planet as a whole. It forms an awareness of the human existence and makes us look on our behavior differently.

 Each person who worked on the film is animal rights activist and vegetarian. For them, this movie is not a business for money laundering. It is a donation in a future of our children. They have found a way to reach the general audience, in the hope that lightening of the terrible truth would help to rethink the old canons.



 It is recently released film directed by American film director and scriptwriter, Spike Jonze in 2013. The story tells about the writer Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), who writes love letters for those who can not express their feelings. Theodore is lonely and private person.

 He heavily takes the divorce with his beloved Catherine, who was the primary person in his life. That is why he decided to buy an operating system, designed to perform any user’s desire. This system is called Samantha and has a woman voice. Soon Theodore realizing that he has some romantic feelings toward Samantha. She thinks several moves ahead and that is why understands Theodore perfectly well.

Unfortunately, everything is not so simple. To love a machine is much more complicated than a real person. A system may find the keys to any lonely heart. It does not realize what devotion and love is.

 The film “Her” would not leave anybody indifferent because each of us by our nature is lonely. Sometimes computer technologies do not let people be happy. The Internet is dragging down our dear persons and make us feel themselves alone in this world.

The movie focuses our attention on the fact that in a world of constantly developing technologies we are starting to forget about our original purpose. We stop to enjoy a real life and experience emotions from communication with living people.



 This film is a drama by German film director Thomas Yan which have been released in 1997. Two main characters – Martin and Rudy are patients of one and the same hospital. They are very different personalities, but the disappointing diagnoses unite them. So two death sick men decided to live the last days of their life to the fullest and to visit the seaside. They run away from a hospital and then highjack the car where occasionally find one million Deutsch marks.

A trip to the sea become a dangerous adventure, but they already know that the end is near. That is why they enjoy every moment, eagerly attempting to feel everything that they did not have an opportunity to try during their short lives.

This movie can’t leave your heart cold. It apparently sinks deep into your mind. After watching it, you realize how many things you would like to try and that time is flying. So the question is – are you ready to leave the rest of your life risking and embodying the craziest ideas? Stop to put away everything for later. It concerns any aspects of your life. Starting from studying process when you asked somebody to write my assignment and finishing searching for a new job, when you engaged in business which you do not like. Unfortunately, only on the deathbed, you realize that you should not be afraid to live. Because every day can be the last in your life.



 The film came out in 2004 in the USA and achieved the extreme popularity. Jim Kerry and Kate Winslet play the leading roles in this movie. It was awarded the “Oscar” for the Best Original Screenplay. The story is about loving and strange couple- Joel and Clementine. They are completely different people, and this fact does not let them be happy.

One day Clementine decides to delete all her memories about this relationships, in return Joel makes the same. But the moments of their love are still alive in his memory, and he makes a decision to bring back the former. The tagline for this film is “You can sponge out the memory of love. But throw out from the heart – it is another story. “

Have you ever wondered how would change the humankind if one day somebody discovers a machine which may delete the memory?

Probably, it would be a great opportunity for people to forget the most unpleasant moments. But what if in this non-reversible process, a person would change his mind to erase the necessary recollections and decided to keep them in mind?

This movie teaches us that memories erasing can not prevent us from making the new mistakes and let us stop loving somebody.


At the end of the film, Joel and Clementine stay together. Because at least on of them was ready to struggle for happiness.


It is a scientific film made by American cinema company “Prime Time Productions” in 2006. This movie consists of many interviews with experts of teaching, theology, personal development and medicine. These specialists present the stories about themselves, how they break the secret and how does it change their lives.

The main secret which everybody should open for themselves is the law of attraction. In the context of the script, the law of attraction is the relationship between person’s thoughts and his surrounding world. All the  positive and negative events in a person’s life is a result of his way of thinking.

The principle of cooperating with energy presenting here in such a way that it could be understandable for everybody. It is square with all the  religious and our perception of the things. “The Secret” would inspire you, set up on the right wave and help to understand how to receive a desirable.

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