Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Blu-ray Release Date and Details Alongside New Trailer

Marvel Studios final film of 2018 is set to hit home video market shortly as It was announced today that the Ant-Man and the Wasp Blu-ray will arrive on October 16th, while the film will be made available on Digital HD and 4K Ultra HD on October 2nd. Indeed, in addition to a standard Blu-ray release, the sequel will also be released on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD for that pristine picture quality.

Disney Home Video has also unveiled the bonus features available on the disc, and disappointingly there’s no audio commentary from director Peyton Reed to be found. There is a “Director’s Intro” featurette wherein Reed invites home audiences “deeper into the world” of Ant-Man and the Wasp, but the lack of a bona fide audio commentary is a bummer.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Fans will be excited to hear that there are two deleted scenes included, one of which involves Janet leading Hank around the quantum realm and encountering “an intelligent life form.” The other deleted scene finds Sonny Burch (Walton Goggins) checking the security camera of a bookstore to try and track down Hank Pym.

There’s also a gag reel, Stan Lee outtakes from his cameo scene, Tim Heideckerouttakes from his cameo as the Whale Boat Captain, and four featurettes that delve into different aspects of the film like Wasp’s suit and stunts, the visual effects, and the relationship between Hank and Janet.

Check out the full list of Ant-Man and the Wasp bonus features below, preceded by the Blu-ray trailer.



BONUS MATERIAL (may vary by retailer):
Blu-ray & Digital:

  • Director’s Intro by Peyton Reed– The talented creator behind some of Marvel Studios’ funniest and most charming films will invite home audiences deeper into the world of “Ant-Man and The Wasp.”
  • Making-of Featurettes:
    • Back in the Ant Suit: Scott Lang – Hero and all-star dad Scott Lang keeps the laughs coming for the audience, cast and crew.
    • A Suit of Her Own: The Wasp– Highly trained Hope Van Dyne is now the Wasp. See how some of her craziest stunts and action-packed scenes were brought to life.
    • Subatomic Super Heroes: Hank & Janet– Hank Pym’s wife Janet was lost in the quantum realm. Trace the legacy of these characters and the iconic actors who portray them.
    • Quantum Perspective: The VFX and Production Design of “Ant-Man and The Wasp”– Explore the movie’s visual effects and production design from a whole new viewpoint, in which every micro and macro detail counts.
  • Gag Reel and Outtakes– Audiences are treated to the hilarious quips that did not make the film as well as exclusive outtakes from Stan Lee and Tim Heidecker.
    • Gag Reel- Join in the fun with these outtakes from the set.
    • Stan Lee Outtakes- Stan Lee tries out a series of hilarious one-liners for the scene in which his car shrinks.
    • Tim Heidecker Outtakes- Check out Whale Boat Captain Daniel Goobler and his improvised whale-watching riffs.
  • Deleted Scenes(with commentary by Director Peyton Reed)
    • Worlds Upon Worlds- As Janet leads Hank through the surreal landscape of the quantum realm, they encounter an intelligent life form.
    • Sonny’s on the Trail- On the hunt for Hank Pym and his lab, Sonny Burch and his henchmen check the security camera of a neighborhood bookstore.

Digital Exclusives:

  • 10 Years of Marvel Studios: The Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe– See what it takes to bring the MCU to life, and the role concept artists play in bringing Super Heroes from comic book to screen.
  • Online Close-Up Magic University– This commercial will inspire you to expand your mind and maximize your full potential!


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