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The best heist movies

Those who love action and suspense will get their thrills from watching some of the greatest heist movies of all time. These movies have been some of the most entertaining films to ever be released and they engage viewers as the bad guys do everything possible to pull off successful bank heists. From Car chases to intense police action, these films will keep viewers on the edge of their seats and will quickly become titles that will be added to any heist lover’s movie library.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job is a thrilling heist film that came out in 2003 and it has remained a popular choice for those looking for endless action. The movie has an intense plot and follows the adventures of the main character Charlie Croker. Croker has been betrayed while in Italy and left to die. He and his team then plan an elaborate gold heist to get back at a former ally. This film is a remake of the original that hit the big screen back in 1969 and the new Italian Job heist film is one of the most popular of this genre.

The film stars Mark Wahlberg as Charlie along with Donald Sutherland, Seth Green and Jason Statham. As they work to come up with their heist plans, viewers are drawn into the plot and will find the characters to be quite engaging. This film has been ranked as one of the best all time heist movies. Grossing $176 million worldwide, the Italian Job was one of the successful heist flicks from the 2000s.

Ocean’s 11

Ocean’s 11 is yet another heist film remake and the newer version was released in 2001. It is based on the storyline from the original movie that came out back in 1960, starring Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin. The 2001 film has an amazing cast of characters, with George Clooney playing the lead role of Danny Ocean. Other great names that appear in the film include Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts. Throughout the film, a group of mastermind criminals plot to steal $150 million from a vault at one of the largest casinos in Vegas.

With some amazing casino scenes, this film appeals to those who love a heist adventure as well as those that have a love for gambling. In fact, the movie resulted in a rise in online gambling after it hit the screens, with thousands of viewers wanting to get in on the action of Vegas by playing at online casinos from home. With grizzlygambling’s free bonus codes players can jump right into the action and start playing the same exciting casino games that were seen in this top rated film.

Ocean’s 11 has been one of the leading heist films to hit the big screen over the years and it is loaded with action and tales of friendship and betrayal. It is a recommended title for anyone that wants a movie packed with adventure that features some of the greatest stars in the entertainment industry. This amazing crime thriller grossed an impressive $183 million in 2002.

Inside Man

The Inside Man is an adventure drama movie that was released in theaters in 2006. The movie enjoyed grossing $88 million and was one of the top Universal Pictures releases. In this film, viewers will enjoy the showdown between a cop and a bank robber. There is also a leading character playing the role of a power broker who takes control of the heist. Along the way, viewers will get to see Dalton Russel in action as he robs banks and tries to pull off the largest and perfect heist. Other great actors seen in the film include Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster and Christopher Plummer. This intense film will keep viewers captivated as they watch one of the greatest bank robberies of all time.

Tower Heist

Tower Heist is a great action film that is based on a group of hard working men who fall prey to their employer’s Ponzi scheme. To retaliate, the group of workers come together to conspire the robbery of the employer’s high-rise residence. The movie stars Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck and Ben Stiller and is surely a flick that will offer endless action and some intense scenes. Tower Heist was released in 2011 and grossed $24 million on the opening weekend and totaled a worldwide gross of $152 million.

The movie does offer some comedy as well as action and viewers will enjoy the work of Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy as they try to seek revenge on the employer that has stolen their retirement. To get back at the wealthy Wall Street thief, they plan a heist to reclaim what has been taken from them. Along the way, some comedy comes into play as the planning begins and overall. Tower Heist is a laid back offering for heist film fanatics. It is not as intense or action packed as other heist films, but it is one that will offer an enjoyable viewing experience.

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is a mystery, drama and action film that is an older release from 1992. The movie had some great success when it was released and enjoyed a US gross of $2 million, significantly less than the other mentioned heist films. However, it was a great movie and offered some thrilling scenes and an appealing storyline. The film starred Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Harvey Keitel and it was the winner of multiple Felix Awards.

The film follows a band of criminals that were all strangers hired by a crime boss to come up with the perfect diamond robbery. With false names, the robbers set out on their adventure only to have the police appear at the site of the robbery. Panicked, two of the group members were killed and the remaining members meet up at a warehouse where they start to believe that one of them is an undercover policeman.

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