Entourage Movie Review

Entourage Movie Review

The lads are back and Vince has decided that acting is not enough anymore, he wants to direct. Unfortunately E can’t keep him to the budget so asking Ari for more proves more than a challenge.

Entourage Movie Review
Entourage Movie Review

Those who have kept up to date on the last 8 seasons of the TV shows are going to love this film. Anyone who is new to the gang will be driven to going back and starting from season 1.

There are so many reoccurring characters each making their own contributions to the film and some new cameos give this film a fresh feeling. The story is simple: Vince decides he wants to direct his next big film as well as be the staring actor. Their only problem is they are already over budget and getting the rest to finish the film is not easy.

For something that seems so simple, with the addition of Drama, Turtle and E, nothing seems to be plane sailing. What I do find a little strange is how many of the scenes are based around sitting down and eating just chatting about women, very reminiscent of Sex in the City.

Maybe it’s because it’s a film rather than just an HBO show but everyone has brought their A game to this show. Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven look like they are just as good friends off screen as they are on the script, as well as having a butt tonne of fun too.

Entourage Movie Review MARKMEETS
Entourage Movie Review MARKMEETS

To make this film really pop they enlisted the help of half of Hollywood: Billy Bob Thornton, Ronda Rousey, Piers Morgan, Liam Neeson, I really could go on. If they weren’t featured in the film at some point they were mentioned with their latest film. Watch the movie trailer further below.

And just to make sure you do remember this is based around Mark Wahlberg and his Entourage they make their mandatory appearance to make this film even more entertaining.

Whoever got to pick the locations to shoot this film and the music to go with it must have had the best time ever!

Entourage is a true summer film, by that I mean you look at these shots and think I want to be there, I want to party like that, I want that lifestyle. Everything looks so good and again this is probably because the budget is bigger but HBO really should pat themselves on the back. It all worked amazingly with the script and the cast.

I do confess I have never see the TV show but after watching this film I powered season 1 and already have the next one lined up to watch. One of the biggest hooks this film has is never being able to see much of Vince’s acting; it’s infuriating but intriguing, almost like ‘Blue Steel’ from Zoolander.

Fellow MarkMeets writer Mo Mo, who has seen all of the TV show on the other hand, loved it and obviously understood more of the inside jokes. If I were to give this a rating I would say it’s like singing in the shower: everyone has done it, people would judge you but you enjoy the hell out of it. I’m going to put this film down as a guilty pleasure of mine.


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