Jurassic World: Fans want it to be real!

Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall says the latest installment in the dinosaur movie franchise have prompted “a lot of people to really want this to be real”

Frank Marshall says there are a “lot of people” that want Jurassic World to be real.

Jurassic World: Fans want it to be real!
Jurassic World: Fans want it to be real!

The 68-year-old produced the latest installment in the hit film franchise. And he says that following the success of the movie, he has been overwhelmed by those who think the concept of a dinosaur theme park could become reality.

“There are a lot of people that really want this to be real,” Frank stated. “We did our research. Colin [Trevorrow, director] and I went down to Orlando and toured the Universal theme park down there and obviously the one here in LA but we really went down there to see the operations and how they kept track of where people were and what information was on the screen. “And then we kind of expanded on it and see what we thought something would be like if you had an up and running dinosaur theme park.”

Jurassic World, which stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the leading roles, has already proved a massive hit at the worldwide box office.

And while rumours are already circulating that another film could be in the works, Frank said he has not had a call as yet.

But he says the popularity of the movie mean his mobile will soon be ringing.

“I’m sure that probably, maybe even Friday night I’m going to get that call about ‘okay, what’s next?'” he said. “I’m going to get through this one first and then we’ll talk about that.”

Colin is something of an unknown director, having only helmed Safety Not Guaranteed earlier in his career.

But Frank insists he always knew Colin was the perfect candidate to take control of Jurassic World.

“He was so confident and sure of the story that the wanted to tell with all the right elements, and he took charge in a very collaborative way with the whole team we had put around him which was very experienced,” he said.

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