Patrick Stewart Confirms he Will Return For Wolverine 3

At the point when Hugh Jackman draws out the claws one final time for Wolverine 3, it would seem that he’ll do as such with an old companion close by.

X-Men star Patrick Stewart has affirmed Professor X has a critical part in the up and coming film, accepted to be in light of the Old Man Logan storyline.

Wolverine 3
Wolverine 3

Stewart confirmed yesterday that this is very much the case, and that he’s “intrigued” about the story and idea of Wolverine getting old.

Stewart responded to reports as to whether Professor X will star in the Old Man Logan circular segment for Wolverine 3? He revealed…

I think what you say is valid. There is a task being developed. I comprehend that Professor Xavier will be showing up, nonetheless, and that interests me. What’s more, the thought of an old Wolverine – I’m truly anticipating Hugh Jackman getting old. You know, damn him. He looks so awesome! So I’m planning to see him secured in prosthetics, you know? And afterward he’ll improve me look if that is the situation.

Stewart told press a while prior that he had been “discussing a Wolverine motion picture, which would group Hugh Jackman and myself together,” so this most recent upgrade doesn’t come as a tremendous stunner. It’s decent to listen, however, that we’ll be getting more than only a little cameo from Stewart.

Composed by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven, the Old Man Logan storyline unravels in a tragic future assumed control by supervillains. Logan himself has since a long time ago resigned the Wolverine persona for a more straightforward existence with his wife and children. Be that as it may, he’s urgent for cash, so when a visually impaired Hawkeye approaches him for help conveying a bundle, Logan concurs.

Professor X does not have a huge part in the Old Man Logan bend. Be that as it may, the plot will oblige a considerable measure of retooling before it makes it to the extra large screen in any case, the same number of the characters who do have huge parts are possessed by different studios. (Hawkeye, for one thing.) Given that, it shouldn’t be excessively troublesome, making it impossible to work Professor X in by one means or another.

James Mangold is coordinating Wolverine 3, which will be Jackman’s last execution as the famous character.

The new Wolverine opens March 3rd 2017.

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