San Andreas Movie Review

Dr. Laurence Hayes believes he has discovered the secret to predicting earthquakes.

Unfortunately this is just in time to also discover precursor to the largest earthquake about to take place across the San Adreas Fault. Blake, the daughter of a rescue helicopter pilot, is caught in the middle of the city as her father desperately tries to keep what is left of his family.

San Andreas movie still
San Andreas movie still

I know what you are thinking, this is another film about a natural disaster causing a horrific amount of damage and killing half the population. You are not too far off. Although I went in with low expectation, mostly rooting for the earthquakes, I started to enjoy myself towards the end of the nearly 2 hour-long film. It was the little things that frustrated me but also made me smile.

To start this film has some fundamental flaws. Extras in the background were running towards danger across the Hoover Damn, spontaneous human torch acts and obvious product placement. Add to this a rescue helicopter pilot who has to be told how to rescue someone? Yes it is true that geologists have checked out this film and the content is plausible, for me it’s a shame that the whole film wasn’t checked for accuracy. Maybe the excuse for this was the ‘super’.

The story follows 3 main characters, firstly Ray (Dwayne Johnson) the rescue helicopter pilot whose dedication to his family strings the story arc together. This is Johnson’s second film to come out in two months following Furious Seven, I still don’t see him as a strong lead after The Tooth Fairy so most of his sensitive lines come across cheesy. But by the end of the film you can feel the love and determination for his wife and his daughter.

San Andreas movie
San Andreas movie

Alexandra Daddario plays Blake, probably the only character that is truly altruistic. She is also one of the only characters and storylines that I wanted to end happy and I felt Daddario was consistently good though out the film. Ever resourceful, remaining calm and problem solving Daddario’s only flaw is that she panics far too much when her mother’s boyfriend, Daniel Riddick, leaves her.

Daniel Riddick, played by Ioan Gruffudd is most well known for his part in the Fantastic 4 films.  Contrary to his previous role Gruffudd is sickeningly charming and quite the coward. You know an actor has done his job well when you smile at his demise. Little tip, do not be around this guy, he is bad news.

The real star of the show for me was Dr. Lawrence Hayes, also known as Paul Giamatti. Paul Giamatti is a solid choice for any scientist who is about to deliver world devastating news. Dr. Hayes informs works as hard as he can to inform the world of the impending doom whilst being the only character to consistently pull a female reporter under the desk to “save her life”.

Other great things to look out for in this film are the cameos and the incredible cinematic shots. Going into this film there are a few names I never expected to pop up: Carla Gugino (last seen inWatchmen), Colton Haynes (who was in US TV series Arrow) and Kylie Minogue to mention a few. You also have to tip your hat to those special effects and fly over shots. After watching this film, I would jump at a chance to fly over California to get those views.

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To sum up this film I’ll use a quote from the film “cute not bright”. It is a typical dooms day film but I don’t think you should hate it. With Ray’s ability to pilot anything from cars to planes and helicopters to boats you could almost think he is the main character in Grand Theft Auto. What would be interesting is a follow-up film about the building of America. On a side note, never let World Record Holder Dwayne Johnson perform CPR on a real living person.

San Andreas is released in UK cinemas May 28th.


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